• What do we know about the Aston Martin DBX Crossover?

Including Some Things We Think We Know About The Aston Martin DBX

Joining the onslaught of super powerful and super luxurious SUVs of today, Aston Martin revealed the first photos of the new DBX. Although still under heavy camouflage, we can clearly see the contours of the first Aston Martin SUV. Furthermore, with a bit of research, I did find out quite a bit about the newest competitor among super SUVs.

Nevertheless, it is still quite uncertain what segment the SUV will enter. Will it be like a hyped-up version of SUVs the size of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio, or will it match the audaciousness, and the size of the X5M, or the AMG GLE 63S? These are the unknowns we are still investigating.

Despite its size, the Aston Martin DBX is going to join the exclusive club of unanticipated super SUVs like the Bentley Bentayga, the Porsche Cayenne, and even the Rolls Royce Cullinan. Granted, all of these SUVs tread a slightly different path but have some commonalities like being powerful, fast, and full of technology.

Why Aston Martin and Not Lagonda?

2020 Aston Martin Lagonda SUV Exterior
- image 379693

Back in 2009, then newly revived Aston Martin Lagonda brand revealed a ghastly and massive Lagonda SUV (based around the Mercedes GL with a V-12 up front and four seats inside).

Then, everyone thought Aston Martin is going to enter the segment with the Lagonda SUV.

Obviously, that did not happen. Fast forward to today and the Lagonda nameplate is associated only with a small scale Lagonda sedan for the Middle East and for the recently unveiled electric concept that represents the Lagonda Rolls Royce Phantom competitor. Furthermore, Aston Martin actually decided to use the Lagonda brand for the EV it plans to develop and produce in the next decade.

That is why the first Aston Martin SUV, which will be powered by an ICE, and has very little in common with the 2009 concept SUV. It Will be an Aston Martin and Not a Lagonda.

It Will Be Called The DBX

What do we know about the Aston Martin DBX Crossover? Exterior Spyshots
- image 804543

Some did suggest that the SUV will bear the name of the Varekai. Actually, Autocar reported that Aston Martin registered the name Varekai (which it did), but the latest reports from the company do suggest that the SUV will remain the DBX - after the DBX concept from 2015 and, more precisely, after David Brown’s initials.

Nevertheless, the letter X in the DBX is kinda self-explanatory. It can represent the “crossover” or even the all-wheel-drive system.

While the Varekai name does sound awesome and follows the Aston Martin tradition of naming cars with a “V” and actually can mean “anywhere”, some marketing guru must have told Aston Martin officials that DBX would do better on the market and within the whole Aston Martin lineup. I am not disappointed although the Varekai sounds a million times better.

The DBX Will Have Spider Web Design Wheels Like Those On The Valkyrie

What do we know about the Aston Martin DBX Crossover? Exterior Spyshots
- image 804547

As I am a bit thrilled with all things Aston Martin, I did actually notice that the DBX camouflaged prototype features a cool wheel design one may call similar to that of those on the latest Aston Martin Valkyrie. Now, researching this, I have seen that a TopGear journo saw the same thing, so I’ll refrain from praising myself further.

What I can say is that the DBX may feature some extreme styling features that we haven’t seen anywhere before.

After all, Aston Martin makes some of the most beautiful cars on Earth. It can be the same with SUVs. I am just thinking how high will the swan doors open on the production DBX!?

The New DBX Was Tested On A Rally Stage

What do we know about the Aston Martin DBX Crossover? Exterior Spyshots
- image 804549

As you may imagine, after developing an SUV, Aston Martin will put all the prototypes through their paces in the Arctic Circle, in the Middle East heat, and on long stretches of highway. Right now, however, Chief engineer, Matt Becker, who is behind the wheel of the DBX prototype you see on these photos, drove and tested it on a Welsh rally stage. This, all in an effort to show that the DBX is a sports machine - formulated to achieve Aston Martin-levels of performance and luxury - while being a truck capable off-road use too.

Aston Martin Built an All-New Platform For The DBX

What do we know about the Aston Martin DBX Crossover? Exterior Spyshots
- image 804542

"It’s its own thing," Matt Becker, Aston Martin Chief Engineer told Road&Track. "It’s a completely new platform. It takes learning from [Aston’s other new cars], for sure, but there’s a lot more suspension technology going to go into that car."

In short, the Aston Martin DBX won't have much in common with the new Vantage or the DB11.

In fact, it is a completely different beast. However, I do believe that Mercedes-AMG actually provided some of the know-how for the development of the new car. The new platform has to offer all-wheel-drive capability, offset higher ground clearance, and provide a basis for the newest set of V-8 engines. From AMG, of course.

The Aston Martin DBX Will be Capable Off-road and Offer Decent Towing

What do we know about the Aston Martin DBX Crossover? Exterior Spyshots
- image 804544

Towing and Aston Martin don’t go well in the same sentence, but that is what we have now. I am sure some owners of the future Aston Martin DBX will have a boat, a horse, or something else they need to tow around.

For that matter, the DBX will be fully equipped to handle those tasks. Plus, it will do off-road well.

One can only assume the DBX will get some Mercedes-AMG sourced off-roading hardware. Some specialties, however, will include an active Anti-roll system and triple-volume air springs. This should complement the high-riding position and give the DBX SUV awesome driving characteristics. Considering the fact that Porsche did wonders with the Cayenne and its driving capabilities, I can only imagine that Aston Martin wants to do the same - make the best driving SUV.

The Aston Martin DBX Will be Built In An All-new Facility At St Athan, Wales

What do we know about the Aston Martin DBX Crossover? Exterior Spyshots
- image 804546

Not only will this be an all-new Aston Martin SUV, but it will be built in an all-new Aston Martin facility at St Athan in Wales.

This facility will build Aston Martin electric vehicles in the future, but its production lines will be mostly occupied by DBX SUVs.

After all, Aston Martin looks to sell 3,250 units per year. That is a lot for a specialty mark and very expensive SUV.

"Seeing a DBX development prototype in action is a momentous chapter in the story of our first SUV, for it is the moment it really comes alive," Aston Martin Lagonda president and CEO Andy Palmer said in a statement. "DBX is so much more than ’just’ an SUV; it will be the first model built at our brand-new facility in St Athan."

The Aston Martin DBX Will Have the Same AMG-Sourced Engine as the Vantage

What do we know about the Aston Martin DBX Crossover? Exterior Spyshots
- image 804553
It would seem that the Aston Martin DBX SUV will only use a 4.0-liter, V-8, biturbo engine from the Vantage.

In various states of tune, of course. This is a Mercedes-AMG developed engine that the Germans use for anything - from the S-class and the G-class to the GT R and the AMG E 63 S. As the DBX does not seem as big as the Cullinan or the Bentayga, installation of the 5.2-liter, biturbo, V-12 does not seem feasible. Aston Martin has to keep the weight down and driving precision really high. Can’t do that with a lot of weight and a heavy front end. So, yes, the V-8 it is. If the GLC can use it, so can the DBX.

Will the New Aston Martin DBX Show Up in the Upcoming James Bond Movie?

What do we know about the Aston Martin DBX Crossover? Exterior Spyshots
- image 804550
James Bond is bonded with Aston Martin and what a better opportunity for an SUV like this to debut than in a James Bond movie.

That would not be the first time James Bond presented an all-new car. I remember when Ford paid $11 million or so to the James Bond Casino Royale production to make Bond drive the all-new Ford Mondeo (Ford Fusion). I can see Aston Martin actually presenting a car in the next Daniel Craig James Bond. After all, a new James Bond worldwide release is scheduled for January 20, 2020 with filming starting in March of next year. If I am onto something here (and all of this is just a conjecture, mind you), we may actually see some photos of the DBX taken at the James Bond film set.

Remember the Aston Martin DBX Concept?

2015 Aston Martin DBX Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 619825

In 2015, Aston Martin revealed the DBX Concept.

It was a two-door gorgeous, with a high riding position, four seats inside, four electric engines and lithium-sulfur batteries.

As it was a concept car, no one actually understood what the truly represented, but Aston Martin CEO Dr. Andy Palmer did say a word or two that opened our mind:

"The DBX Concept is more than a thought starter for us and for our customers, though. We will, in due course, be entering a car into the new DBX space and I am very much looking forward to seeing how this concept is received not only here today, but also by our legion of existing loyal customers and by those potential customers around the world who have, to this point, yet to consider one of our cars."

While the DBX prototype you can see on the photographs embedded in this article, looks nothing like the DBX Concept from 2015, the truth is that it is its spiritual successor.

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