• What EVs Have the Best Range in 2021?

The number of EVs on the market keeps growing, and these are the models with the best range so far

The earliest modern electric vehicles were successful purely because they dared to challenge the notion that a car could run on anything other than petrol. The public embraced the change, though, but the problem lay in the capacity to fulfill the requirements fossil fuel had adequately done until then. The technology behind them was also in the rudimentary stages, so cars had only enough battery power to get them to work, and they had to be recharged for the trip back. It caused an increase in range anxiety both for the new owners of electric vehicles and the automakers. They were worried these cars would not have the ability to fulfill obligations before reaching charging points. However, this problem is becoming less relevant for today’s electric cars, whose ranges are getting longer by the day. The following list boasts EVs that can crack above 250 miles before you have to plug them in.

Volkswagen ID.3

2020 Volkswagen ID.3 Exterior
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The ID3 is one of Volkswagen’s first mainstream family EVs to reach the market. It is a five-seater hatchback with a long wheelbase to accommodate the motor in the rear. Mid-range models have a 58-kWh battery which will give 250 miles, while top-of-the-range models have a 77 kWh battery that is good for 330 miles. The rear-mounted motor will provide upwards of 201 horsepower, which is impressive for an all-electric hatchback. Its driver assistance programs are also some of the best in the market, entailing blind-spot monitoring, front assist, and rear traffic alerts.

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Tesla Model X

2016 Tesla Model X Exterior
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The Model X is not only a long-haul EV but one of the fastest SUVs, as the Long Range model accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.8 seconds. It owes its 360-mile range to the huge 100-kWh battery. Recharging is also fast due to Tesla’s superchargers which are well placed across the country. It is possible to charge the vehicle with a 240V connection, but it will be much slower even though it is more convenient. The Model X has a typical button-less design for the interior though the infotainment and technology packages are very high-end.

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Polestar 2

Polestar Takes Aim at Tesla Model 3 With 408-Horsepower Polestar 2
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Volvo’s second addition to the EV market is a significant contender to the EV market. Buyers can choose between a single or twin motor system, where the long-range single-motor provides a 335-mile range while the long-range dual motor can go 298 between charges. Both link to a 78 kWh battery lithium-ion battery, though there is a difference in power. The dual-motor achieves 402 horsepower, while the single motor is rated at 228 horsepower. The Polestar is also one of the most attractive long-range EVs, featuring a crisp, clean-cut appearance that seems moderately futuristic.

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Mercedes EQS

2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS - The Important Things You Need To Know Exterior
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The EQS is the electric flagship for the Mercedes brand. It interestingly carries over the power appetites of its petrol contemporaries, considering the sedan is offered with a 329 or 516 horsepower powertrain. These include a 107 kWh battery and an option of single or dual motors mounted to the rear axles. Mercedes claims the rear-wheel-drive EV will accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 5.5 seconds though the four-wheel-drive variant will do the same in 4.1 seconds. The range on both versions of the EQS is estimated at 350 miles, and charging is done via a 240 volt or DC fast charger.

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Skoda Enyaq IV

What EVs Have the Best Range in 2021? Exterior
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The Enyaq iV is Skoda’s first electric car, though the EV market does not yet have a set brand preference, so this is an opportunity to prove its capability. Like many other automakers, there are two available battery sizes; iV 60 and the iV 80. The smaller 58 kWh battery has a range of 256 miles, while the 77 kWh alternative allows the model to go 331 miles between charging. Aside from the decent range and the 201 horsepower achieved, you can personalize the cabin from five Individual Design choices that consist of different materials and finishes.

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2022 BMW i4 Exterior
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The i4 is the first all-electric gran coupe and offers a completely electric powertrain. It runs with the fifth generation of BMWs electric hardware known as e-drive, allowing for better efficiency. The space required for its battery and motor has since been reduced, though the energy capacity has increased compared to the last iterations of EV models. As a result, its 80 kWh battery allows the BMW to go 316 miles before recharging, which is a reasonable combination. The i4 is also good on power, considering the motor generates 335 horsepower to the rear wheels.

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Tesla Model S

What EVs Have the Best Range in 2021? Exterior
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Interestingly, it is Tesla’s longest-serving model, yet it has the longest range on a single charge. Described as the most rewarding all-electric driving experience, the model S combines the 412-mile range capability with autopilot self-driving features. An electric motor is dedicated to each of the front and rear axles, and a four-wheel drive is available for all versions. The acceleration is a blistering 2.4 seconds from 0 to 60 miles an hour, comparable to the fastest petrol-powered supercars in the market. However, the Model S does not feature as plush a cabin as other alternatives from Mercedes or Volvo.

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2021 EV Range Comparison
Make and Model Range (Miles)
Volkswagen ID3 58 kWh 250
Volkswagen ID3 77 kWh 330
Telsa Model X 100 kWh 360
Polestar 2 78 kWh Twin-Motor 298
Polestar 2 78 kWh Single-Motor 335
Mercedes EQS 107 kWh 350
Skoda Enyaq IV 58 kWh 256
Skoda Enyaq IV 77 kWh 331
BMW i4 80 kWh 316
Telsa Model S 100 kWh 412
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