So you’ve parked your car in a what you think is safe area for the night...Come back to see it next morning and you notice a not so pleasant suprise - someone has hit your vehicle and fled the scene of accident. There is no way for you to find out who has done this and now you are left with a damaged vehicle.

Occurences like this happen all the time, especially in city locals, and it recently happened to me. What did I do in order to solve the situation?

1. First called my insurance company to let them know of the occurence.

2. Next step, I thought would be to notify the police and let them know of the occurence , but since there was no other person to report - this was not neccesary information.

3.After I notified the my insurance company and gave them details of the accident , I found a body shop to to fix my vehicle.

4.Next when the vehicle was at the body shop, I contacted the insurance company to let them know so they could take pictures of the accident for their records.

5. Since , I have a 500 dollar dedecutible through my insurance , as long as the damage is over this amount , this will be all I have to pay to get my car fixed.

For example, if the damage of the vehicle is say 2000 dollars and I have the 500 deductible, this will be how much I will have to pay to get fixed. The other portion of 1500 dollars will be what the insurance company pays.

What do you think?
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  (2) posted on 12.1.2015

  (2) posted on 12.1.2015

well, I agree, but what to do when you get hit like this?...

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  (379) posted on 03.2.2010

Well, it is always a good idea as well to look around at the scene of the accident. Most street nowadays have CCTVs that you can make use to see if the accident were videotaped. It can come from traffic cams, ATM cams, grocery cams. Asking around wouldn’t hurt as well as there are a lot of 24 hour stores nowadays and if an accident occurs in an area where there are people, such accident will surely cause some noise and will wake people up. Asking around nearby apartments for witnesses could help as well.

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