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2011 Wheego LiFe

2011 Wheego LiFe

With every year that passes, the world of electric cars starts to be more and more populated and we’re glad to see that many new companies have the courage to try their luck n this new industry. One of these companies is Wheego, a small Chinese car manufacturer who recently joined the race of electric cars by launching the LiFe model. Though, new Wheego LiFe wasn’t built from the ground up as a new vehicle, as it’s basically an electric version of the Shuanghuan Noble, a model blamed for being a Chinese clone of the Smart Fortwo.

Leaving behind the critics, the Wheego seems to be an ultra efficient compact city car, but offers room for only two people, so luggage space is pretty limited. Like the Nissan Leaf and other electric city cars, the Wheego LiFe runs on lithium ion batteries which offer a maximum range of 100 miles. The new LiFe made its debut in 2010 and is available with a pretty peppered price of $32995 excluding taxes.

With this huge price tag, has the new Wheego any chance to compete against the Nissan Leaf or Mitsubishi i?

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