The YES!-Sportscars owe their birth to the graduation of the two company founders at Cologne Technical College. In the scope of their final thesis the two engineers created this roadster. The prototype, the outer appearance designed by Oliver Schweizer, was first presented at the International Motor Show IAA in Frankfurt in 1999 and generated an unexpected demand. Owing to this favourable development the engineers decided to set up their own business. The start-up company’s highly positive development on the hard-fought international automobile markets proved the founders right to uncompromisingly pursue their initial concept of a minimalist pure sports car.

Taylor-made hand manufacture

The production of the cars at the Funke and Will plant, established in 2001, strongly differs from the familiar mass output. Each YES!-Sportscar is a hand-manufactured unique vehicle to which the purchaser contribute to a large extent. Before completion, the fine tuning is made on-site together with the buyer to adapt the cars every detail to its subsequent owner: colour, special features, ideal sitting and switching position. Finally, when the taylor-made YES! is ready for delivery the purchaser receives instruction on the company’s 2.2 mile long test track, a former runway of an old military air field.

After 7 years development-know-how for the YES! and several different vehicles for other vehicle producers and after the process of constant vehicle optimisation - the moment has come in 2006: the second generation of the YES!, the YES! Roadster 3.2 and the YES! Roadster 3.2 Turbo hits the road.

The YES! Roadster 3.2 as well as the 3.2 Turbo will keep the vehicle concept, since the YES! stands for an uncompromising driving machine with breathtaking performance data, with a curve craving chassis and a handling which will stick to our principles: PURE DRIVING PLEASURE.

As well as its predecessor, the YES! Roadster 3.2 is about a downright lightweight, which weighs less than 900 kg due to its aluminium-spaceframe and the used fibre-reinforced composites. Paired with 255 hp out of the new 3.2 liter-V6-motor it results in an attractive performance-weight ratio. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is completed in 4.9 seconds and a torque of 330 nm raises the YES! typical driving pleasure.

With the brand-new YES! Roadster 3.2 the Funke & Will AG advances to the segment of super sport cars. As much as 355 hp are being generated by originally same engine due to the turbocharger. This version impresses with 485 Nm and appeals especially to experienced drivers with a maximum speed of 281 km/h. The driver profits from an acceleration of 3.9 seconds in which he is catapulted to the famous 100 km/h threshold.

Beside the distinctive driving performance, security plays a main role for the new YES! Roadster 3.2. Therefore this time airbags for driver and co-driver as well as ABS are optionally available.

Fine materials in combination with Chrome and leather applications are assembled in the interior to a sporty unity. Optional equipment offer space for individualisation like for instance the navigation system or the 3-way-sound-system.

The YES! Roadster 3.2 is a handmade vehicle which is adapted to individual wishes of the customer. Optional for the customer are not only the paint, the interior equipment and the technical details (special equipment) but furthermore the pedals, the seat position and the position of the gear lever can be adapted to the customer body size as well.

Already characteristical for the YES! is the distinctive appearance. The design for the YES! Roadster 3.2 is again by the designer Oliver Schweizer, whereas this time even more attention was paid to the streamlined character of the vehicle and the down force. In comparison to its predecessor, the YES! Roadster 3.2 has grown significantly. A larger wheelbase and a bigger overhang at the front as well as at the back give the roadster a somewhat stretched and thrilling appearance. The wedgeshaped ascending side line and the racing accentuated wings remain striking attributes.

YES! is the result of passion, courage and visionary thinking. With its design and the puristic concept of a sports car reduced to the essential the YES! frees of the thinking that a car is just a means of transportation.

Also with the YES! Roadster 3.2, the Funke & Will AG, which already has been honoured with the German Entrepreneur Award, consolidates the image of Saxon art of engineering and assures the continuity of the Saxon manufacturing tradition.

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  (320) posted on 08.15.2011

I don’t find the car attractive. It is some kind of boring from the outside look. What power it can deliver? They don’t put any information about it and also the competition. Actually, I am not really into YES!.

  (1022) posted on 01.20.2010

I get it, this is a sweet convertible roadster that’s a stunner! It has the performance chops and good looks to be a possible second choice to my plans to buy a pontiac solstice, since I have no interest in the mazda miata.

  (17) posted on 12.20.2009

In my opioion this doesn’t look good
it looks ugly,

  (6021) posted on 03.29.2008


  (6021) posted on 03.5.2008

This car izzzzz rok’en

  (6021) posted on 11.25.2006

yh dis car is bare

  (6021) posted on 11.17.2006

your cars are so hot on tv even on the street

  (6021) posted on 07.29.2006

I’m very excited about this car, how can you not when you have a mere 2000lbs and 366bhp! Hope the price is under a 911S to keep it ultra competitive. This car is on my list, and it’s near the top!

  • NYCmitch25

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