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2006 - 2009 Zenn Electric Car

2006 - 2009 Zenn Electric Car

ZENN stands for Zero Emission, No Noise and it’s the name of the company that designed a small car qualified as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) and launched on the market at the beginning of 2006. The electric car had compact dimensions and offered a top speed of only 25 mph. The energy stored in its battery pack was similarly unimpressive, as it gave you only a 40 miles range.

Unfortunately, the vehicle proved to be a complete failure and its production has been ceased in 2009. Zenn struggled to revamp sales by cutting the price down to $9.995, but this wasn’t enough, as in its entire life span the Zenn electric car was sold in only 500 units.

The company however didn’t abandon the fight and now is focused on selling electric technologies to other manufacturers.

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