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2015 ZiL Punisher Is Russia’s newest Troop Carrier

2015 ZiL Punisher Is Russia's newest Troop Carrier Exterior
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The ZiL Punisher is 26,000 pounds of get the f@#k out of my way for the Russians,
  • ZiL Punisher Is Russia’s newest Troop Carrier
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • 0-60 time:
    10 sec. (Est.)
  • Top Speed:
    93 mph
  • Price:
    250000 (Est.)
  • car segment:
  • body style:

This strange-looking beast is called the Punisher and it is reportedly Russia’s next lightweight troop carrier. Capable of hauling 10 personnel, including the driver, and being mine- and bullet-resistant, the new truck offers the Russian army the ability to move quickly across the battlefield. While there is conflicting information on its specifics, The Moscow Times reports the Punisher is based on the Russian automaker ZiL’s Kamaz-4911 truck and is powered by an eight-cylinder turbo-diesel that makes 730 horsepower.

The Punisher is capable of withstanding small arms fire up to 7.62 mm, roughly 30 caliber, and what you’d find coming from the business end of an AK-47. Despite this, the large greenhouse allows for an expansive view of the outside terrain.

The truck is equipped with gullwing-style doors, giving troops a a clear step into the tall cab. Side swinging rear doors allow troops to return fire from inside the Punisher. All that armor adds literal tons to the truck, resulting in a 26,000-pound curb weight. Despite this, the Punisher is able to hit a top speed of 93 mph, making it the fastest armored troop carrier in the world.

The truck utilizes a body-on-frame design with traditional leaf springs holding the massive solid axles in place. The rear axle appears to be a Rockwell-type design while the front uses the more conventional approach. This results in a high break-over angle on the vehicle’s center.

No clear word identifies if or when the Punisher will go into production and see service.

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2015 ZiL Punisher Is Russia's newest Troop Carrier

2015 ZiL Punisher Is Russia’s newest Troop Carrier