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2012 Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE 60F1

2012 Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE 60F1

Ferrari is saying goodbye to one of their amazing vehicles with one last special edition, and no, we’re not talking about the 2012 Ferrari 599XX Evolution. Fresh off of the announcement of the Evolution is another special edition, this time specifically for the 599 GTB. The new Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE 60F1 was built to celebrate the 60 years since Froilan Gonzalez and the 375 F1 gave the Scuderia its very first victory ever in the Formula World Championship in the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. It is based on the powerful HGTE version and was created as part of the exclusive Tailor Made Programme.

The 599 GTB HGTE 60F1 will combine colors and materials inspired by the vehicles driven by Froilan Gonzalez on July 14, 1951 and Fernando Alonso on July 10, 2011. Customers will get to choose between three different liveries, but they will also be able to opt for a reduced body roll for a stiffer ride, sharper cornering, improved road-holding combined with superbly easy control, and an interior inspired by the two legendary vehicles.

UPDATE 04/12/12: YouTube user Brian Zuk managed to spot a Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE 60F1 up close and personal at a Ferrari dealership in San Francisco, California. It certainly goes without saying that this particular 599 GTB special edition model is one of the most desirable limited run Ferrari models in recent history. Check out the video after the jump!

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