A bicycle (or bike) is a two-wheeled vehicle that allows a person (or more) to travel from A to B through an act of balancing and pedalling. The first bicycle dates back to the early 19th century. The word itself stems from the 1860s and was offered by the French language, however, the first contraption that comes closest to the idea of a bicycle was the draisine, named after Baron Karl von Drais. The draisine looked like a bicycle but had no pedals or chain, so you basically had to ride it but push yourself forward in a manner similar to running. From this invention on, various designs have stemmed, with perhaps the most notorious being the weird-looking high-wheel bicycle that employed a tiny rear wheel and a ginormous front wheel that also incorporated the pedals - these things were fast, but lacked safety altogether. Then came the safety bicycles, with wheels that shared the same diameter, and in more modern times, the mountain bikes, BMX bikes, commuter bikes, as well as electric bikes.