Clothes popped up out of pure necessity. They were a matter of survival, even. In the beginning, early humans used twigs, branches, and leaves to cover themselves from the elements, but also to prevent insect bites, since their skin was not strong enough to resist these external factors as well as temperatures that were too high or too low. As an upgrade, animal skins where the next big thing in terms of clothing, with the next step being fibres from plant stems but also coming from animals (flax or sheep wool, for example). Over time, sewing techniques evolved and new materials were introduced, such a silk and linen, as well as wool and cotton. With the industrial revolution and the introduction of sewing machines, the whole clothing affair turned into an industry and therefore a business. Then came the synthetic fibres - nylon, PTFE, polyester, Spandex, and Kevlar, plus a huge boom in what we know today as the fashion industry, where clothes go beyond their practical purpose and are used to express one's personality or belonging to a particular social group.