A super exotic music system reserved for the elite.

Hustled in the ancient town of Modena, Italy, is an abode of sorts for the automotive culture with greats like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Pagani having their roots running deep through the history of the city to create a legacy for themselves. Coming from the same town is IXOOST, another manufacturer who believes that the skill and imagination needed to produce objects are adapted to those who use them, and not the other way round.

Paying new homage to the craftsmanship of Modena, IXOOST introduces their brand new music docking station – ESAVOX, ‘the birth of sound dedicated to Lamborghini cars’.

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The sound of a finely tuned engine is indeed unique and inimitable. Drake, one of our generations finest musician, would often say "the sound of a 12-cylinder engine should be listened to as if it were a symphony" while the famous maestro defined the sound of the 12-cylinder Ferrari engine as “a melody that no conductor would ever be able to reproduce”.


ESAVOX - iXOOST Exterior
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Recreating the style of every Lamborghini, designer Mirco Pecorari gives the ESAVOX, a form that follows the exhaust of the Lamborghini Aventador. It literally harmonises the dimensions of the dock player creating hexagonal effects and enhancing the selection of various materials.

Two single block hexagonal cabinets of polymerised carbon and wood houses the speaker and the woofer system, and in between the two blocks, you get a piece of the car itself, the four-pot exhaust tip of the stock Automobili Lamborghini.

ESAVOX - iXOOST Exterior
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The central console is where you arrange this beastly figurine to give you the sound of your dreams. At the centre of the console is a red flap similar to the one on the car, you flick that open and in there lies an engine start/stop button to power the system. Right above it are brushed aluminium twin 8” woofer outlet and flanked slight below the flap are two scroll knobs that control the volume and bass inputs.

Continuing the Lambo design feature is the air diffuser styled underbelly of the dock that also houses downward firing 15” subwoofer. The whole unit stands on height adjustable pegs that also acts as passive shock absorbers to contain the vibrations within.


ESAVOX - iXOOST Exterior
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Getting to the business aspect of a dream music system, a crisp and clear sound is every music lover’s right. After artists spending so much of funds, energy and time in making amazing music of the highest quality possible, you need speakers of the highest quality possible to listen to those symphonies. This is where the ESAVOX does not disappoint. At the end of the day, this is what it was made to do.

The polymerised carbon fibre monocoque body in autoclave houses 6.5” full range speakers and an 8” woofer on each side that promises to fill your room with sensualising musical experience. To set those low frequencies right, there is 15” Neodymium subwoofer firing the bass downwards that has the capacity to shake your feet below.

ESAVOX - iXOOST Exterior
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There are two 1” tweeter in Mylar located inside the outer exhaust unit. Speaking of the exhaust pipes, they are in fact functional units as well. The inner two tips have variable valve openings in them to regulate the air pressure within the subwoofer to suit your personal taste of thump.

This system carries not one but two stereo valve preamplifiers, one for each channel. Also, there is one 600 Watt amplifier for the tweeter, midrange, woofer and one 200 Watt amp dedicated just to the subwoofer. Frequency ranging from 20 to 22000 Hz can be played and heard without sweat all of which is managed by two 24-bit digital signal processors.

ESAVOX - iXOOST Exterior
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One can access all this power and play their favourite playlists stored on their smartphone, iPods, tablets, computer through Bluetooth, AUX and connect your TV or receivers via RCA connectors so that you should never be out of options on your musical finds.


ESAVOX - iXOOST Exterior
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God almighty has been so generous to provided us with senses to perceive this beautiful thing called ‘Life’. To see, to hear and to sense the beauty of the worldly creatures and objects. IXOOST runs on this very same principle - To create something that tickles all your senses to have a perfect experience of emotions one soundtrack can get you into.

Something that symbolises every vibration of every mechanical component of an automotive legend once more, but this time to the notes of your favourite music. And when something looks like the ESAVOX, with its subtle touch of carbon fibre and wood, and of course the four pot Aventador exhaust, it is a full package of sensory feelings that can take the experience of music to a whole new level.

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Coming to the pricing, it not anywhere near to be called ‘affordable’. It is quite the opposite actually. It will cut your bank account of an amount close to $24,000. Yes, you read that right. ‘Twenty Four grand’ in words if you want.

This is, without a doubt, the best music dock money can buy. IXOOST themselves believe that this ESAVOX is “Not designed for all, but aimed at those who nurture a real passion for the Lamborghini.” There are four colours available: Black Aldebaran, Atlas Orange, Evros Yellow and Mars Red.

ESAVOX - iXOOST Exterior
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The ESAVOX is what stuff dreams are made of. It is the result of a strive meant to create a unique object that represents the land, the passion and the authentic "Made in Italy" concept.


Weight 117 lbs
Dimensions (LxBxH) 1250mm x 500 mm x 650 mm
Power supply 100V - 240V 50/60Hz – PCF
Connections Bluetooth, RCA, AUX
Frequency range 20 - 22.000 Hz

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