Boost your driving skills with these must-reads – whether you’re a rookie or an old hand

You’ve finally aced your drivers’ license test and can’t wait to jump behind the wheel and drive into the sunset. Or maybe you’ve been driving cars for three decades and think you’ve seen it all. Regardless of which description better suits you, it’s important to remember that driving is a skill one keeps perfecting over a lifetime.

Honing your driving skills doesn’t have to entail countless hours of driving on public roads or workshops meant to sharpen your reflexes and anticipation. It can also be done by reading relevant stuff.

That’s why we’ve selected what we believe to be the best books for drivers – advanced or rookies. You’ll find out things the driving instructor might have failed to mention and best of all, you’ll be able to learn from other people’s mistakes the easy way, without having to repeat them yourself.

How to Drive by Ben Collins

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Ben Collins’ career stretches over 20 years of driving in the highest echelons of motorsport – such as Le Mans and NASCAR – as well as occasional stints with the cinema industry – where he drove the Batmobile and some of James Bond’s rides. Oh, and he used to be Top Gear’s Stig back in the day, which nicely sums up his resume.

How to Drive is full of anecdotes and real-life experiences that he encountered and had to cope with along the way. Read it carefully and this book will change for good the way you look at driving. Available on Amazon.

The Driving Book by Karen Gravelle

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As we mentioned earlier, passing the driving test is just the first step in a life-long learning process. Owners of a new driving license might still have to face scenarios they’re unaccustomed to, when a decision must be made in just a split second.

In this book, Karen Gravelle focuses on helping new drivers (mostly teenagers) tick the right boxes in their relationship with the car and driving universe. Her advice ranges from useful stuff to keep in your car, how to take care of your car – so it will take care of you – and how to respond to road rage or deal with your parents. Available on Amazon.

The Lost Art of High Performance Driving by Ross Bentley

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Right off the bat this book tells you exactly what it aims and who was it written for. By ranting about the arrival of autonomous cars and the current selection of driver nannies (aka safety features and systems) found in every modern car, The Lost Art of High Performance Driving should be the go-to resource for those who desire to sharpen their driving skills even further.

What you’ll learn from reading it? How to safely enjoy a twisting mountain road and how to show your friends who’s the boss on the race track. You’ll also find out how to use the modern car’s fancy systems to your advantage as well as essential cornering techniques and tips on staying safe during nasty driving conditions. Available on Amazon.

Traffic by Tom Vanderbilt

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Tom Vanderbilt is not a professional race driver. Quite the opposite, actually, considering he used to drive a 2001 Volvo V40. Perhaps this is why the 416-page Traffic is less about driving and more about how the human mind perceives the action. In fact, you should look at this book as a psychology-backed guide to some of the most common occurrences in daily traffic.

Why do traffic jams form? Are we really the excellent drivers we often think we are? What changes inside our mind when we’re behind the wheel? All this and more get an answer from Tom Vanderbilt, who is also known for his design and tech-related pieces for Slate, Wired, and The New York Times. Available on Amazon.

The Bad Driver’s Handbook by Zack Arnstein and Larry Arnstein

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Zack Arnstein failed his first three driving tests. For him, fourth time was the charm. Larry Arnstein failed his first driving test but managed to pass on his second attempt. He drove taxis in New York City which allowed him to see everything there is to see when it comes to traffic violations, fender benders, and kamikaze maneuvers.

We’ll tell you this – learning about what not to do to your fellow drivers has never been funnier. This book is an absolute treasure of bad driving habits and brash decisions that happen in traffic a lot more often than we might think. Available on Amazon.

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