These seven camper trailers strike a perfect balance between looks and utility

Nothing spells adventure better than a camper trailer attached to your car and the open road nicely taking shape through the windshield. In a market that’s oversaturated with camper trailer manufacturers and products of all shapes and sizes, it’s very important to stand out from time to time with a stylish trailer. So here’s our selection of some of the best camping trailers out there that will also let you travel in style.

Why do I need a camper trailer in the first place?

Best Camper Trailers That Are Also Stylish
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Well, car trailers have always been a better alternative to motorhomes for a couple of reasons. For starters, they cost less. Then there’s the lower insurance premium, easier maintenance, and as we established already, plenty of brands to choose from.

However, it doesn’t mean they’re perfect.

You can't travel inside one, towing them requires a lot of extra attention and care, the amount of amenities doesn't even get close to that of a motorhome, and you get less space overall.

Now, choosing a car trailer has a lot to do with your needs and budget. Perhaps not necessarily in this order. That said, many of those in the market for a new trailer might overlook the design bit simply because they’re set on getting the most comfort and practicality at the lowest possible price. But we think making heads turn among fellow campers and motorists has to bear some significance as well, right?

So here are our seven proposals of stylish camper trailers.

Vistabule Trailer

What makes Vistabule so special is the high level of customization it offers.

Vistabule comes with a base package priced at $17,995, but the customer can then add extra equipment from a very wide range of optional features pretty much the same way he'd do when configuring a new car.

The only difference is that the base version of the trailer isn’t that basic. Every Vistabule trailer has a collapsible sofa table, front and back windows with pulldown honeycomb shades, a sleeping area the size of a queen bed flanked by flip-up door tables, and a galley hatch that keeps you out of rain’s way while cooking or washing stuff.

It tips the scales at 1,220 pounds (roughly 553 kilos) and can be towed by virtually any car via a 2-inch ball hitch. But what really caught our eyes is the amount of optional bits and bobs you can actually add, starting with a refrigerator ($735), electric brakes ($345), off-road axle upgrade ($95), rooftop solar panels ($875), mini spare tire ($125), and a teardrop-shaped cover ($125) for the whole trailer. Buy it here.

Vistabule Trailer specs

Vistabule trailer specs
Length 14 feet
Width (with fenders) 6 feet 10 inches
Height 67 inches
Cabin height 43 inches
Main bed size 58.5 x 78 inches
Weight (when empty) 1,220 pounds
Wheels 14 inches

Timberleaf Pika

Timberleaf’s Pika teardrop trailer is the brand’s lighter and smaller alternative to the Classic model. It’s named after the American Pika, which is a rabbit-like mammal living in the Rocky Mountains area.

The Pika weighs just 1,025 pounds (kilos), offers three suspension packages - including an off-road one with a 4-inch suspension lift and 33-inch BFGoodrich tires.

But what we love the most about it is the sheer ruggedness coupled with the $11,750 starting sticker.

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Towing-wise, Timberleaf says your average AWD crossover or SUV can easily pull the Pika from A to B. Inside the cabin you’ll find a double size mattress, LED lighting, two USB ports, and Maxxair ventilation. The galley is built around a Dometic CFX refrigerator with 35 liters of storage, but you can fit a 35-liter Yeti cooler in there as well.

On the optional features front, Timberleaf is offering two additional packs. That’s All-Road and Off-Road. The former comes with 15-inch polished aluminum wheels, electric drum brakes, and extra aluminum fenders while the latter ups the roughness ante with BFGoodrich KO2 tires, HD fenders with corner steps, and rock sliders - this way, the trailer will keep up with your Jeep’s appetite for uneven ground. Buy it here.

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We're excited to introduce a new model to our lineup of hand crafted teardrop trailers! Meet the Pika, a more nimble, compact, and lighter weight teardrop trailer. Available in the Classic, All-Road, and Off-Road packages. Available with most of our accessories, we are also proud to offer the @dometic CFX-35W as well. Starting at $11,750, order yours today! Click the link in our profile for more information. #new #teardroptrailer #teardrop #retro #traveltrailer #explore #offroad #overland #overlandtrailer  #timbren #offroadtrailer #axleless #axlelessequipped #lookmomnoaxles #rhinorack #dometic #dometicoffroad #gocolorado #getoutdoors #forgeoverland #optoutside #neverstopexoloring #liveyouradventure #neature

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Timberleaf Pika specs

Timberleaf Pika specs
Base size 5 feet 6 inches x 8 feet
Length 11 feet 10 inches
Height 65 inches
Dry weight 970 pounds
Wheels 15 inches
Cabin height 36 inches
Mattress size 54 x 75 x 4 inches


Its makers dubbed it The Travel Machine, and although it won’t pull a Doc-Brown-Back-To-The-Future-style stunt on you, it promises to offer enough room for four people, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

We're using the word 'promises' because the Tipoon is not yet on sale, as the project is still in its final phases - but its French makers say the price tag should be between €20,000 and €25,000.

That’s roughly $22,300 to $27,900 at current exchange rates.

Now, the Tipoon stands out thanks to a unique opening/closing system that allows for three configurations - Closed (aka the towing position), Half Open (aka the pit stop position), and Fully Open (the on-arrival position). The trailer opens to the sides and stretches upwards, thus creating a cabin height of 190 cm - this way, you can kiss the hunchback posture goodbye while inside.

That being said, the flexibility of the cabin allows you to either add a second bed or use the extra space to store more stuff. Oh, and you can even take the frame off your trailer and store it to a safe place in case you need the trailer for other hauling jobs. Now that’s what we call neat designing. Buy it here.

Tipoon specs

Tipoon specs
Size (closed) 4.10 m x 1.7 m x 1.7 m
Size (half open) 4.10 m x 2.5 m x 2.55 m
Size (fully open) 4.10 m x 3.2 m x 2.55 m
Weight 950 kilos (2,094 pounds)
Bed size 190 cm x 120 cm
Second bed size 190 cm x 110 cm
Cabin height 190 cm

Airstream Basecamp

No, it’s not a souped-up version of RoboCop’s helmet on wheels, although we’re sure you were thinking that too. Meet Airstream’s Basecamp trailer.

This happens to be the company's entry-level and at the same time smallest trailer, but it's still priced at a hefty $37,400. Yeah, we know, that's far from cheap.

First of all, the Basecamp has a kitchen, a bathroom, and a lounge area that turns into a bed. You can tow it with just about any mid-size SUV, and if you’re looking to haul stuff, then you should know this: Basecamp can accommodate a kayak thanks to the 126-inch cargo depth area between the rear hatch and the galley. Speaking of which, the hatch has an opening of 26 x 46 inches.

Yes, you can take it off the beaten path thanks to the X-Package, because we all know that mountain rivers don’t cross paths with asphalt too often. Part of the X-Package is a pair of Goodyear Wrangler tires, blackened wheels, a 3-inch suspension lift kit, and stainless steel rock guards. Buy it here.

Airstream Basecamp specs

Airstream Basecamp specs
Length 16 feet 3 inches
Width 7 feet
Width (interior) 6 feet 4.5 inches
Height 8 feet 8.75 inches
Height (interior) 6 feet 3.5 inches
Bed size 38 inches x 76 inches (half bed), 76 inches x 76 inches (complete bed)

BRS Offroad Sherpa

The Sherpa doesn’t need an off-road package mainly because it was designed and built as an off-road trailer for the rugged campers out there.

Nevertheless, this doesn't equal a lack of comfort - the Sherpa still packs a drop-down shower pod, 21-inch LED TV, diesel water heater, and two 30-liter-each fridge drawers.
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Little tricky but made through in the end

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All this is packed in a badass-looking exterior that got us wondering whether Arnold Schwarzenegger has one. On that note, let’s take a trip through Sherpa’s mechanical assets, starting with the Cruisemaster XT heavy-duty suspension and continuing with the beam chassis that allows the trailer to turn at angles of over 90 degrees.

Another thing you won’t have to worry about is travelling with kids - the Sherpa can hold a mini-tent on its roof, allowing mom and dad to sleep in the main pod, with the kids safely tucked in up top. It, too, wears a hefty price tag, at around $42,400. Buy it here.

BRS Sherpa specs

BRS Sherpa specs
Length 4.45 m
Length (body) 3 m
Width 2.06 m
Height 2.25 m
Height (with rooftop tent) 2.5 m
Weight 960 kg (2,116 pounds)
Wheels 18 inches

Happier Camper HC1

For the HC1, modularity is everything. That and a look that makes us call it the Fiat 500 of all camper trailers out there. But we’ll get to that.

Now, on the said modularity front, the HC1 uses cubes that snap together, so you're practically building or changing the interior's topography based on your needs.

Not only that, but a modular floor made of fiberglass honeycomb provides a lightweight and sturdy base for the whole cabin. Couple that with the plastic cubes and you get unlimited layout options, including a double bed and kitchenette arrangement or a mega bed. Yes, you can basically turn the entire cabin into one giant bed that can sleep up to five people.

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🍷 ☀️

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On more utilitarian terms, Happier Camper says you can even haul a motorbike or a canoe when the cabin is configured in Hauler mode. Seven color options and three packages are available at the moment (Starter, Classic, and Premium), joined by a long list of extra accessories such as a portable solar panel, magnetic door stopper, freezer, folding footsteps, and flexible reading lights. As for looks, we think it’s one of the cutest camping trailers on the market. Buy it here for $24,950.

Happier Camper HC1 specs

Happier Camper HC1 specs
Weight 1,100 pounds
Length (shell) 10 feet
Height (exterior) 7 feet 4 inches
Length (overall) 13 feet
Height (inside) 6 feet 1 inch
Width (inside) 6 feet 6 inches
Floor surface 42 square feet
Bed space 6 feet 11 inches

Homegrown Trailers Woodland

You don’t have to be a fan of the wood-clad Jeep Grand Wagoneer or own one to appreciate the Woodland model from Homegrown Trailers. It mixes the popular teardrop shape with wood paneling and modern tech such as solar panels and batteries that can store energy for up to five days of use.

In terms of amenities, you're looking at two packages: Standard ($35,495) and Extended Off-Grid ($42,995).

Standard will get you a 2.4 kWh battery pack, USB and 120V power outlets, an induction cooktop with one burner and a mini-fridge. Extended Off-Grid has a 6 kWh battery pack and 800-watt solar panels. Regardless of what you pick, four color schemes are available, with either beveled or tongue-and-grooving side wooden panels.

The Woodland can sleep up to four people in two bunk beds, but it also packs a couch that folds out as a queen size bed. You can park it inside a standard residential garage and fit it with the optional electric brakes. A spare tire is also provided. Buy it here.

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Set up at Timber Fest, waiting for guests.

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Homegrown Trailers Woodland specs

Homegrown Trailers Woodland specs
Length (exterior) 19 feet 4 inches
Height (exterior) 6 feet 9 inches
Width (exterior) 7 feet 4 inches
Cabin surface 94 square feet
Length (interior) 13 feet 6 inches
Width (interior) 6 feet 10 inches

You can let us know which one would you pick and why in the comments section below.

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