• Best Rain Suits in 2021

If you need to keep dry, then this list has the best rain suit for you!

No one wants to be soaked in the rain while running errands. Choosing a high-quality rain suit can prove to be a cumbersome task since there are a lot of considerations and features to look out for. There’re certainly a lot of styles and brands, so how do you know which is the best rain suit or which one you should buy?

Identifying purpose is the first step, followed by researching the most important features that keep you comfortable as well. Waterproof suits or jackets should have good quality drawcord or velcro seals for adjustability and easy maneuvering.

For uninterrupted outdoor activities where you can be exposed to rain, like golfing, traveling, hunting, fishing, camping, and riding a bike, you’re going to need full-coverage protection to keep you dry and comfortable. Here, we have bundled a list of the Top 5 best rain suits on sale for you to choose from in order to keep you dry as well as safe in different situations.

Best Overall: Coleman PVC/Nylon Rain Suit

Best Rain Suits in 2021
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" Offers a combination of quality and great value." The Coleman suit may not be aesthetically pleasing but if you need a rain suit for every day, it does its job efficiently. It is 100% waterproof and its durability is unquestionable, thanks to the 20mm PVC and nylon lining, as well as a cord for the hood. For adjustability, the rain suit’s arm and leg cuffs have a drawstring. The unisex design makes it a comfortable fit for people of various sizes and gender.

Available in Tan/Black, the jacket is designed with two slit pockets on the side to access your inner clothes without hassle. It is easy to maintain if you hand-wash it to maintain longevity.

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    • Not very stylish.
    • Only a single color option.

Best Value Rain Suit: Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit

Best Rain Suits in 2021
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For those looking for the benefits of traditional rain gear, this colorful Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit should be on the shopping list. The two-piece suit is made from Tyvek material, a breathable, and non-woven polypropylene fabric. It is waterproof, wind-resistant as well as lightweight. The jacket features a removable hood, elastic cuffs, and open waist design which enhances adjustability. Moreover, the zipper is covered by a snap-down storm flap to keep you dry. Similarly, the pants include an elastic waist and adjustable leg openings for utmost comfort.

They are durable but to keep them water repellent, you will need to keep using good waterproofing treatments. One downside is that the material can get dirty in contact with hooks on the wall. The Frogg Toggs rain suit’s cheap pricing makes up for that. Tip: you can machine wash but for a longer life hand wash is prescribed.

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    • No split pockets.
    • Waterproofing treatment needed from time to time.

Best Rain Suit for Motorcycles: Viking Cycle Motorcycle Rain Gear

Best Rain Suits in 2021
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If you are looking for the freedom and comfort of movement while riding your motorcycle in heavy rainy weather, consider the Viking Cycle Rain Gear. The two-piece suit is made from polyester with PVC lining to keep you warm and dry. Available in four bright color options with reflective piping for stronger visibility. This suit is waterproof as well as windproof. With an elastic hem, as well as the zippered pants bottom, and Velcro straps on the cuffs, all fasten up and make the suit one of the most comfortable on the market.

We also like the soft corduroy lining of the jacket’s hood and removable stirrups that keep the pant in position. For the price, this motorcycle rain suit is one of the most worthy picks. Tip: It should be hand washed to retain attributes and long life.

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    • No hood.
    • Can’t be machine-washed.

Best rain suit for Golf: Swisswell Men’s Rain Suit

Best Rain Suits in 2021
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For those looking for the best rainwear for playing golf or for activities such as running, cycling, camping, and even single-day hikes, Swisswell Men’s rain suit is an ideal lightweight and comfortable choice. This two-piece suit is developed with the latest waterproof technology and boasts a warm collar, sturdy zippers, and elastic velcro cuffs. The suit also features a soft layer of mesh, making it breathable and easy to pack as it folds into a neat square.

For the nighttime, the reflective markings on the jacket keep you visible for safety. The suit drys quickly as well, again thanks to the mesh design that allows air circulation.

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    • A bit larger than standard US sizes.
    • Relatively expensive.

Best For Outdoor Activities: Acme Projects Rain Suit

Best Rain Suits in 2021
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The premium Acme Projects Rain Suit is perfect for all outdoor activities, and your daily commute. This stylish and functional rain jacket and trousers are good for hiking, camping, cycling, fishing, traveling, and adventure. It is available in four muted tones that are designed to be dependable and comfortable. With 10000mm Waterproof Rating and all sealed seams, it prevents leaking water. At the same time, the breathable membrane ensures you are dry on the inside. The jacket features YKK ZIPPER, drawcord, and elastic system while Velcro closure at the bottom leg helps you customize your fit and adjustability.

The functional design of the rain suit is highlighted by 2 zipped hand pockets for stacking your essentials. The top quality material is bluesign approved.

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    • Inferior size chart

What are the best rain suit benefits?

Protects us from getting wet: The primary benefit of a rain suit is that they are waterproof to keep you dry on rainy days. The prolonged exposure to rain may cause hypothermia or other potential health issues. The rain gears can protect you from these health hazards.

Keeps you warm: Some rain suits not only help you keep dry but can also be used in the snow for winter. Most suits are wind repellent as well and are crafted with a layer of insulation to keep you warm inside.

Keeps you safe in the dark or low visibility situations. Good quality rain suits have a layer of reflective strips (front and back) to scatter light and keep you visible during harsh weather or night. This keeps you protected from pedestrians or riders as they can see you.

Uninterrupted Outdoor activities. Since your daily schedule might need spending more time outside and rain may cause disruptions of plans, rain suits enable longer outdoor time. Keeping you insulated from water and wind, the adjustable qualities of rain suits make than handy even after the rain passes.

Keeps you in style. Even raincoats are on the fashion runway. Some brands offer stylish rain suits with original designs and vibrant colors for everyone to buy. Thus they not only keep you dry, and safe but never goes out of style.

What to look for when choosing a rain suit?

The fit: All suits consist of a Jacket and Pants (single-piece or multiple-piece ) and are designed specifically for different scenarios including gender (women/men/unisex/toddlers) and purpose. To find the best fit and the most comfortable rain suit, an ideal jacket should easily accommodate the layers you wear underneath and allow unrestrictive motion of arms. The pants are either elastic or bib-and-suspender style at your waist.

Waterproofing: The most important function or feature of a rain suit is to protect you from the rain and keep you dry. Some of the products will also protect you from the wind. Standard fabrics and materials include polyester, polyvinyl, and PVC. The waterproofing technology has evolved in all these years to have a waterproof membrane that is breathable (keep moisture locked). Alternatives include the Gore-Tex which is usually cheaper options. The best rain suits feature the ability to keep water out but also keep you comfortable.

Weight: Different suits weigh differently, as some are lightweight than others. Before buying a rain suit you will have to identify the purpose and how much weight you want to carry. Moreover, the weight of a rain suit also affects the portability. The heavy rain jackets insulate much better, but there is no reason for lugging around a 2 lb jacket on your back. Even for heavy-duty applications, jackets under 1 lb are suitable for outdoor adventures.

What are the Key Features of a Rain Suit?

Hood: All rain jackets will have this essential feature, either built-in or detachable. A high neck, peak, and adjustable drawstring are desirable features of a good hood.

Cuffs: Some jackets and pants have elastic cuffs while others may offer them with a drawcord or velcro.

Pit and side zips/vents: Some rain suits have side zips, or vents to allow a bit of extra airflow for condensation and to regulate your temperature in extreme weather conditions. A good rain suit offers breathable membranes for the same purpose.

Pockets: Hand pockets and Chest pockets are usually zippered, and are essential for rai jackets to have. They get super useful for carrying essentials like mobile phones, maps, etc. Chest pockets are either on the inside or outside of some, but not all.

Hem drawcord: Most rain jackets have a drawcord at the hem to adjust the fit to the wearer.


What is a Rain Suit?

By definition, a rain suit is made of waterproof material consisting of either single-piece or multiple-piece (Jacket and Pants) for wear in the rain over ordinary clothes to keep you dry. The material makes sure that you do not get wet and dry off quickly.

Who makes the best rain suits?

5 of the best rain suit brands in 2021 are Frogg Togg / Coleman / Viking / Swisswell / Acme. Though there are other good brands as well, these offer the top-rated and best-selling rain suits and gears in 2021.

How can I clean my rain suit?

Read the instruction manual of specific suits for cleaning as they are made of different materials. Generally, you can hand-wash or machine washes the rain suits with cold water. Some of the materials also need regular waterproofing treatment along with cleaning. To remove the stains is easy, just wipe off the exterior.

How much is the best rain suit?

The best rain suit for different activities and purposes (work, hunting, golf, motorcycling, etc.) can cost you less than $100. If you want a day-to-day rain suit (medium-level) prices remain in two figures but for heavy-duty application/work, the prices jump to the three-figure mark.

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