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Underneath the Hennessey Goliath 6x6 sits a 2019/2020 Chevrolet Silverado, a truck that starts at $28,300 and can go up to $58,195 in its highest standard configuration. Hennessey is asking $375,000 for each Goliath 6x6 it churns out. By the way, only 24 such contraptions will leave the tuner’s backyard and John Hennessey, the company’s head honcho is adamant that the Goliath 6x6 will make “a huge statement everywhere our clients go.” Of course, this isn’t Hennessey’s first stab at the 6x6 niche as you can probably recall the $349,000 VelociRaptor truck developed on top of the Ford F-150 Raptor. But when we look at other, more expensive vehicles of similar ilk - think the $511,000 Mercedes-AMG G63 6x6, Hennessey’s creations begin to make sense, financially-speaking at least.

The car industry has adopted the idea of six-wheel vehicles a lot over the years

Naturally, this doesn’t mean it also worked or that those projects that explored a six-wheel configuration were successful. Take a trip down memory lane and think about the likes of Tyrell P34 Formula 1 car, Dodge Ram T-Rex, De Leotard Renault 5, or Saab 906 Turbo. Now, we mentioned the 1996 T-Rex concept for a good reason: it is strikingly similar in configuration and design to Hennessey’s Goliath. But for some reason, 23 years ago, Bob Lutz’s idea of the “world’s first full-time 6x6 light truck designed for personal use” wasn’t pursued by Chrysler, so we’ll never know whether it would have been successful or not, since a production version never existed.

At $375,000, Is Hennessey's Goliath 6x6 Truck an Aberration?
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As you’d imagine, the Ram T-Rex had an outrageous spec list: based on the Ram 3500, it packed an 8-liter V-10 engine that made 497 horsepower and 593 pound-feet of torque routed through a four-speed automatic gearbox. Towing capacity was rated at 26,000 pounds (11,793 kilos) while the off-road prowess was backed up by a pair of transfer cases and an air suspension setup. Fast forward to 2019, and Hennessey is selling a 6x6 truck that’s based on the Chevy Silverado. Customers can have it with either the 5.3-liter L83 V-8 engine or the 6.2-liter L86 V-8. For some more cash, Hennessey will even add its 2.9-liter supercharger on top of the 6.2-liter engine, blessing the Goliath with 705 horsepower and 675 pound-feet of torque.

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Other than that, there are the obvious mods: the additional axles, wheels, tires, and brakes, a redesigned rear suspension setup, the custom truck bed, BFGoodrich 37-inch off-road tires, extra LED lights and a new roll-bar. On demand, Hennessey will throw in a Brembo brake system upgrade as well as a custom interior with Katzkin leather seats, but those are set to take the final price even higher, to around $400,000, including the donor truck.

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Final Thoughts

At $375,000, Is Hennessey's Goliath 6x6 Truck an Aberration?
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So, yeah, from the visual and mechanical standpoint, the Hennessey Goliath 6x6 is an aberration because it doesn’t adhere to the run-of-the-mill four wheel creed. But with just 24 units scheduled for production, we don’t imagine it will be hard for Hennessey to find the right (eccentric) clientele. Sure, if they fail to do that, then the Goliath will be an aberration in its full rights, but as long as there’s interest and people are eager to buy such vehicles, then the company’s business case is valid as far as these conversions are concerned. As always, we’re interested in what you think, so drop us your opinion in the comments section below.

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