Camper trailers don’t have to be big or expensive and luckily, more compact solutions are available

Teardrop trailers have been making a comeback recently, with more and more brands - usually startups - poised on offering road trip lovers out there an alternative to bulky, expensive camper trailers. And although teardrop trailers are a pure American contraption, we’ve seen more than one example of non-US companies that had a successful go at the concept. The same can be said about the Carapate camper trailer coming all the way from France.

What Is A Carapate Camper?

The camper is the brainchild of Nantes-based designers Fabien Denis and Jean-Marie Reymond. They set out to build a camper trailer with neo-retro looks that would retain all the traits of the original teardrop trailers so popular back in the 1930s. Speaking to Presse Ocean, the two agree that their camper is largely aimed at young couples or families with small children, but also athletes who like to spend their spare time outdoors.

Carapate Camper Trailer Design

Carapate Is Your Affordable Camper Trailer Made In France
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For starters, one of the main goals was to keep the camper trailer light. So, through the extensive use of locally-sourced wood, the two designers were able to come up with a camper trailer that tips the scales at just 450 kilos (992 pounds). This, in turn, will let you tow it using pretty much every car out there - as you’ll see in the presentation video, a Peugeot 208 supermini seems to do the job just fine.

In addition, the Carapate’s size was kept in check, so we’re looking at a really compact build (3.2 m x 1.9 m x 1.7 m). This means the Carapate camper is easy to park and fit into tight spots. Inside you’ll find three mattresses made of high-density foam, each measuring 105 cm x 50 cm.

The Carapate is fitted with manually lowered legs for extra stability when camper, as well as 120W solar panels, P17 camping power outlets, a rising side door, and a sliding panel that extends to the outside, revealing a small kitchen. And when we say small, we mean really small but enough to offer a 12-liter fresh water tank, a mini-sink, and a 2.2kW heater.

The removable pouches really caught our eyes, as they can be positioned in various places around the camper and offer a neat storage solution that’s practical and space-saving at the same time. LED lighting and USB ports round up the package, along with 220V power outlets and leather window covers.

Prices for the Carapate camper range from €14,000 to €18,000, depending on the level of optional features you’re willing to tick.

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Carapate Camper Specs

Carapate Camper specs
Exterior size 320cm x 190cm
Interior size 242cm x 140cm
Weight 450 kilos (992 pounds)
Windows 3, panoramic, 100cm x 40cm each
Mattresses 3, high-density foam, 140cm x 66cm each
Children mattresses optional, 105cm x 50cm
Exterior colors 5
Price range €14,000-€18,000
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