While most e-scooters are chunky and not that easy to carry, the MiniFalcon is incredibly compact

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While e-scooters come in all shapes and sizes, their proportions aren’t yet to a point where we can fully consider them items that are hauled easily from A to B. Moreover, you’ll have to blame the electric motor or motors as well as the battery pack for the hefty weight, despite the fact that most e-scooter manufacturers are looking at lightweight materials such as aluminum to avoid customers getting backaches from lifting too much weight. The MiniFalcon project, however, wants to deliver an electric scooter that fits in a backpack and at the same time, won’t force you to get too friendly with your chiropractor.

MiniFalcon Scooter - What is it?

Well, it’s an e-scooter design to be ultra-portable to such an extent that you might view it as the Apple MacBook Air of electric scooter. Now, ambitions comparisons aside, the MiniFalcon is an Indiegogo-funded project that has just hit its final product stage. The scooter has raised over $100,000 from 265 backers and its makers are already shipping the first batches to those who showed their support during the concept phase.

MiniFalcon Scooter - Design

Check Out the First Electric Scooter That Fits Inside a Backpack
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Designing and building an e-scooter that can fit in a backpack is no easy task. So the design aspect of the MiniFalcon is something that’s paramount to its success. But let’s take it one step at a time. For starters, the MiniFalcon has a telescoping steering pole that offers three adjustable height levels coupled with folding handles. In addition, the rear wheel also folds inwards and once it reaches the final position, it rests on the front wheel. That way, the e-scooter’s length is reduced considerably to such an extent that it can fit in a bag/backpack.

Check Out the First Electric Scooter That Fits Inside a Backpack
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MiniFalcon Scooter Size

Check Out the First Electric Scooter That Fits Inside a Backpack
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Now, you might be tempted to believe that such a practical e-scooter will undoubtedly have to pack a scarce selection of features. Well, no. That’s not the case with the MiniFalcon. Sure, it’s not the most performance-oriented electric scooter out there since it only packs a 250W brushless electric motor, but it can hold 220.5 pounds (100 kilos) and climb inclines of up to 15 degrees. Moreover, it can reach a top speed of 9.4 mph (16 km/h) - which might not sound like much, but it should suffice for simply strolling around busy commercial districts. But perhaps that trait that serves this e-scooter’s purpose the best is its low weight - 17.8 pounds or just 8 kilos, to be more exact, combined with the fact that it comes with its own backpack, so you won’t have to go through the hassle of finding one that fits the scooter’s size. As for range, the manufacturer says the battery should last for 10 to 15 kilometers (6 to 9 miles) under normal use.

Another aspect that caught our eye is the adoption of a suspension system of sorts that uses a spring mounted under the scooter’s platform combined with a more traditional front suspension setup that soaks up the shocks taken by the front wheel. From where we’re sitting, this is a neat solution because those tiny tires are made of polyurethane - and yes, they won’t get punctured - but at the same time they don’t have the same cushioning power as a pneumatic tire. However, with the hybrid suspension setup in place, we should be looking at a bump-free ride that won’t test your knees and joints too much.

Check Out the First Electric Scooter That Fits Inside a Backpack
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Also on the gimmick side, the MiniFalcon scooter packs an integrated display that shows info such as speed and battery level as well as an energy recovery setup that sends power back into the battery when braking of when riding downhill. Topping everything off is an ABS-like feature that prevents the wheels from locking completely during hard braking, so you’ll be more in control and less exposed to a slide and a nasty fall or impact with another object, be it moving or stationary.

Mini Falcon Electric Scooter Price

Check Out the First Electric Scooter That Fits Inside a Backpack
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At the time of writing, you could secure your MiniFalcon electric scooter off Indiegogo for $329 (down from $499), with shipping estimated for October 2019. A pack comprising two MiniFalcons will have you spend $599 (discounted from $998), while for the Four Pack you must pay $1,099 (discounted from $1,996). Regardless of what you pick, you’ll still have to wait until October to get your order, just like with the single-scooter pack.

Check Out the First Electric Scooter That Fits Inside a Backpack
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MiniFalcon Electric Scooter Specs

Motor 250 W
Load capacity 220.5 lb
Climbing ability 15-degree inclines
Voltage 24 V
Top speed 16 km/h, 9.4 mph
Range 10-15 km (6-9 miles)
Battery Li-ion
Battery capacity 5.2 Ah
Charge time 2 h
Total weight 17.85 lb (8 kg)
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