Introducing new battery tech, sturdier build, and more fun

Australia-based Evolve Skateboards announced the introduction of its new GTR Series electric boards. The skateboards are said to have been completely revamped compared to the brand’s previous offerings and are available in two flavors: the smooth-looking GTR Bamboo Series and the Batman-esque GTR Carbon Series.

Evolve GTR Series Electric Skateboard

The whole GTR Series concept revolves around the Powerflex battery pack. The main feature trumpeted by Evolve is the lack of exterior wiring, which is expected to make the batteries more compact but also safer and at the same time, less prone to damage.

The battery packs are tasked with powering two 1,500-W motors that spin the electric skateboard's rear wheels.

For better heat management and damage protection, each motor comes fitted with heat sensors and extra air vents that assist with the cooling process.

Regardless of what type of board you pick, you’ll get the same overhauled electric systems and strengthened up yet more flexible chassis. Evolve builds, assembles, and finishes the GTR Series skateboards in China, by hand. Every skateboard box is delivered with its own compact hardware kit that includes charging gear and other tools.


You can also adjust the wheelbase of each board according to your needs and preferences. The trucks are forged while the wheels are made of urethane (97 mm in diameter) in the U.S.A.

Another main feature of the battery pack is that it was conceived to flex a lot with the skateboard deck without harming the cells.

The batteries have thermal indicators and current overloads protection. What’s more, each board comes with a remote (four colors are available: blue, green, orange, and black) fitted with a display that shows essential data such as battery level, speed, and trip length.

Evolve GTR Series electric skateboard performance specs

Evolve's GTR Series Electric Skateboards Are Its Most Capable Yet
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But here’s what you really wanted to know: the performance specs of the Evolve GTR Series, right?

Street Mode allows you to go as fast as 26 mph (42 km/h) for up to 31 miles (50 km) - that’s the real-world riding range per charge, says Evolve.

In All-Terrain Mode and fitted with the larger wheels, the board can do a top speed of 22 mph (36 km/h) and offer a max range of 19 miles (30 km).

Evolve also boldly claims that its GTR Series board will eat any hill.

Evolve's GTR Series Electric Skateboards Are Its Most Capable Yet
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A travel battery pack is also available - you can legally bring one onboard an airplane, so you can take your board with you on holidays. Mind you, though, the smaller-size battery offers less range (12-15 km/7.5-9.3 miles in Street Mode and 8-10 km/5-6.2 miles in All-Terrain Mode).

The good news is that the top speed stay the same as for the regular, bigger battery. Speaking of which, depending on the setup you choose, the GTR Series skateboard can weigh at between 8.4 and 11.3 kilos (18.5 and 24.9 pounds).

Last but not least, the board can get over-the-air updates because it supports a Bluetooth connection.

Through it, the rider can also increase or decrease the amount of power according to a desired riding style.

Evolve's GTR Series Electric Skateboards Are Its Most Capable Yet
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The GTR Bamboo Series starts at $1,899, while the GTR Carbon Series will set you back at least $1,999. Both are available on the Evolve online shop.

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