There are so many ways you can have fun with it that we wouldn’t know where to start

Drifting was - and to some extent still is - reserved to a particular type of vehicle - as you know, RWD cars can pull one off under the right input and some motorcycles can just as easily powerslide with the right technique and gear. Think of dirt track racing. But luckily, the drift trike came and brought drifting into our lives.

Through the aid of technology - and electricity, to be more specific, the first drift trikes, which were nothing more than modified trikes, just like those you and I used to ride evolved into downright rad drifting tools accessible to a wider range of customers.

Now, Fiik’s Drifter caught our eyes for a number of reason. No, it’s not because it looks cool and has a skull on its fork. OK, it was that, but also other stuff.


For example, it uses an alloy frame for lightness and rides on 5-inch kart wheels. As some of you know, the trick with a drift trike is to hand in as low traction as possible to the rear wheels.

Only instead of employing PVC or plastic wheels, Fiik - who has 10 years worth of expertise with electric skateboards - went for what it calls "drift sleeves" which go on top of the rear wheels. So when you’re not in the mood for sideways action, you can simply take them off and enjoy the ride. Sure, it’s less fun and totally pointless, but some might actually want that every now and then.

Anyway, the Drifter also packs two 1,000-watt electric motors that help spin the rear wheels, a 11-Ah battery to power them and a front disc brake setup. Top speed is 45 km/h (28 mph), which is more than enough to make anyone smile.

Now imagine, with all the torque going to the rear wheels, just how easy it is too drift this thing. Plus, you don’t need to do it downhill - through the power of electrification, Fiik’s drift trike would work like a charm on even ground and even uphill.

You can get the Fiik Drifter here, for $2,500 (at the time of writing discounted to $1,995).

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