Prepare to kiss AA batteries goodbye for good

There’s nothing more annoying than controller batteries failing just when your FIFA 2019 Ultimate Team is close to scoring the match-winning goal or you’re finally overpassing that tough rival in NFS Payback. But there’s a solution that will prevent you from sending the controller crashing into the TV in anger: meet Fosmon’s Quad Pro charging station.

It’s not all good news, though – this gizmo is only compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and Xbox One Elite controllers, so PlayStation users might want to look elsewhere.

Fosmon quad Xbox charger specs and details

First of all, the charging station itself is accompanied by four battery mini-packs (each has a capacity of 1000 mAh) that are said to offer between 30 and 33 hours of playing time on a full charge – which is great, especially if you’re looking for night long playtime with your pals.

In case you’re wondering why you don’t need the AA batteries anymore, allow us to explain. The set’s four mini-batteries go where the AA batteries used to stay, so they basically replace them entirely.

They’re also built to fit the controller like a glove, so you won’t have to worry about them falling off. This way, you can get rid of AA batteries for good and also save money but not buying them on a roll.

Here’s how to properly and safely insert the Fosmon batteries into your controller

So, to insert the battery packs, take out the controller’s battery compartment lid and remove the AA batteries. Then with the back of the controller facing you, insert the left side of the battery first. At this point, it’s important NOT to slide the battery in.

Once the left side is inserted, press firmly on the right side and then push the battery until you’ve made sure it is locked in position. Word of advice: be patient, it’s a little difficult to find the perfect position, but it can be done by being methodical and not rushing things.

You can also charge all four batteries at the same time: two of them can be inserted straight into the station while the other two can remain attached to their controllers, which in turn can be docked on top of the charger. A glowing green LED light will then let you know when charging is complete.

Fosmon's Quad Xbox Controller Charging Station Is Every Gamer's Altar
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Fosmon says the batteries have a max lifetime of 1,000 charging cycles and you can get the pack for $34.99. Just make sure you’ll get some proper sleep from time to time.

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