Here’s the trailer and everything you need to know about the new GRID game

Codemasters has revealed an emotional video trailer for the upcoming fourth installment of its GRID franchise, which somehow, unsurprisingly, promises to best all the previous iterations when it comes to pretty much every aspect of the game. Until we get to see what exactly that means, here’s everything you need to know about the new GRID game.

Grid Comes Back in 2019 Better Than Ever

First of all, the game devs say that the new GRID game will be released in all the popular formats we know and love - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC (DVD and through Steam,) Google Stadia.

According to the press blurb, the game will largely keep its original concept where players are supposed to run their own race team and race as its primary driver.

GRID Is Making a Comeback This September
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In Codemasters’ own words, we’re in for "an all-new experience where every race is the chance to choose your own path, create your own story and define your legacy in the motorsport world." This sounds a tad ambiguous at the moment, but we’re guessing the new game engine will feature a choice-based system of sorts that changes the plot according to your decisions.

GRID Game cars and car classes

GRID Is Making a Comeback This September
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Players will be able to test their driving skills in seven different classes. Out of these seven classes, four are further split into subclasses, as detailed below.

As for the car rooster, well, you'll get to drive over 70 iconic automobiles ranging from the Porsche 911 RSR to the Ford GT40 and Pontiac Firebird.
Race classes in new GRID game
Race Class Subclass
Touring Cars TC-1, Super Tourers, TC-2, Classic Touring
Stock Cars Muscle, Pro Trucks, Oval Stocks
Tuner Cars Modified, Super Modified, World Time Attack
GT Cars Classic GT, GT Group 1, GT Group 2, Historic
Formula J -
Prototype -
Group 7 Specials -

GRID Game locations

GRID Is Making a Comeback This September
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For the new GRID game, the location list includes 12 circuits, out of which one is fictional - that’d be Crescent Valley, USA - spread across eight countries.

GRID racing locations
Country Venue/City Type
China Zhejiang Circuit
Shanghai Street Track
Malaysia Sepang International Circuit
Japan Okutama Circuit
UK Brands Hatch Circuit
Silverstone Circuit
Spain Barcelona Street Track
USA San Francisco Street Track
Indianapolis Circuit
Crescent Valley Circuit
Cuba Havana Street Track
Australia Sydney Motorsport Park Circuit

Players will be also able to pick one of the six so-called "Career Paths" - each leading to the GRID World Series. Those are Touring, Stock, Tuner, GT, Invitational, and the Fernando Alonso Challenge. Not only is Alonso’s Renault R26 race car featured in the game, but he joins GRID as a Race Consultant.

Those who complete the Fernando Alonso Challenge will get the right to race Alonso himself.

GRID Game race types

GRID Is Making a Comeback This September
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Depending on your style and skills, the new GRID game offers six race setups.

GRID race types
Race Description
Racing The traditional affair, with a starting grid and a chequered flag finish line.
Oval Racing Players get a rolling start and race for a predefined number of laps.
Time Trial Just one car on the track/circuit, racing against the clock.
Time Attack Several cars on the track/circuit, staggered start against the clock.
Skirmish Free-roam style race where players can test the car and have fun with their friends.
Hot Lap Players are encouraged to post the fastest lap time to go up the starting grid.

A new addition is the Racecraft feature, which is basically a real-time, moment-to-moment scoring system that’s designed to reward the player for "technical, skilful or brave racing," with points being earned from both team-mates and rivals.

Besides Racecraft, a realistic damage system will be deployed with immediate effect on both players and AI. In-race damage will affect the car visually but also mechanically and in terms of dynamic behavior, with direct repercussions to the way it handles or even leading to fatal damage - for the car, that is.

As the player earns more experience and points through Racecraft, his or her level will go up, unlocking Prestige, Player Cards, and other achievements.

Public online races as well as private ones are on the table.

GRID Game Ultimate Edition

GRID Is Making a Comeback This September
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Now, in the beginning of the article we mentioned a GRID Ultimate Edition that will launch three days prior to the Standard Edition. There’s no word on how much that will cost, by the way, but we can tell you what will it pack on top of the Standard Edition.

Mind you, the list of goodies is rather long and includes both special cars (Porsche 911 RSR, Aston Martin Vantage GT4, Pontiac Firebird Modified, Chevrolet Corvette C7.R, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Time Attack, and Renault R26.
GRID Is Making a Comeback This September
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Moreover, players will get access to unique liveries, VIP status, extra Player Cards and the likes of Hypercar Track Day Pack, Racing Hatch Track Day Pack, and GT Track Day Pack. And with that said, you can call us properly excited. Are you?

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