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It’s funny how sometimes inspiration comes from the most unexpected places, things, or people. Today, we’re entering the artistic world of Arsèn Manukyan, who made a living out of stunningly detailed bespoke car drawings that are so realistic you’ll think they are pictures at first sight.

Who is Arsèn Manukyan?

You’ll find Arsèn on Instagram as @therealarsenio. That’s where we got a glimpse at his beautifully crafted work and, naturally, we were interested to know more about him. Arsèn is Armenian, he moved to the U.K. with his family in 2007, and as he recalls, his "first real drawing was a box with two circles attached to it."

Besides knowing the names of almost all cars by the age of five, he’s also a model car collector. Although he studied fashion design at the University of Edinburgh and even managed the Lotus showroom in London, Arsèn went back to his first passion: drawing.

If you’re curious to know what inspires Arsèn and what’s his vision on the power of drawing, here are his own words:

“My most significant source of inspiration is the line, and how it can be shaped to create an elegant or a brutal look. I love drawing a curve of a fender, creating the rough surface of a tire, or adding highlights to make the piece stand out.“

As you’re about to see, his drawings are oozing realism and huge attention to detail. His weapons of choice are Caran D’Ache oil pencils - it’s the only way he can draw a car’s front grille that displays all the squares and details you’d see on the real thing.

You can find a sample of his Instagram feed below but do check out his website for more good stuff.

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