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We’re always looking for people to follow on Instagram and the single, but very significant condition they must fulfill has to do with their work’s ability to inspire us. For this week’s dose of Instagram lifestyle inspiration, we give you photographer and youtuber Peter McKinnon.

Peter McKinnon is currently based in Toronto, Canada. Besides teaching "things about photography and cinematography" and being an avid coffee drinker, Peter vlogs on his YouTube channel, where he has built a growing audience of 3.6 million subscribers around content that deals with photography tips and tricks, editing tutorials, and advice on what cameras and gear you should use for the most creative results.

We, however, stumbled upon his Instagram feed (currently followed by 1.8 million people) and couldn’t not notice the high level of eye candy shown there. Peter’s style is very clean, whether he’s shooting stunning landscapes, cool cars, or any other products, and you’re bound to literally get lost while scrolling down through his Instagram photos.

So, we curated a couple of them below, but make sure to check his feed yourselves and, if you’re into photography, the guy’s YouTube channel is a must-subscribe-to.

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