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We’ve been doing the Instagram Lifestyle Inspiration section for a while now, and don’t you think we forgot about the stunning ladies that inspire us and have an eye for cars. In fact, get ready to step into the world of LA-native fashion stylist and blogger Tania Sarin.

Who is Tania Sarin?

Tania has both Lebanese and Armenian roots, but she grew up in the Valley. She’s currently based in Century City, Los Angeles, California.

Her grandfather, Armen, inspired her to chose a career in the fashion industry. He worked for NBC for more than 30 years, and Tania followed in his footsteps by attending the Woodbury University, where she studied Fashion Marketing. That’s where she started to focus more and more on social media, guided by her teacher Wendi Bendoni.

Right after college, she landed a few jobs as wardrobe stylist but then went on to take up on blogging.

"Today, I spend my days emerged in the fashion world and love every minute of it. I hope to be able to inspire others through style, beauty, and travel posts."

Since we couldn’t help but notice her taste in cars, you might want to have a look at some samples from her Instagram feed, including a recent collabo with Porsche. You can also check out her blog for more classy stuff.

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