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This week’s Instagram inspiration comes from a more racing-oriented area. In other words, drag racing. We’ve turned our attention towards this racing discipline on Instagram and stumbling upon @dragtimescom was pretty much inevitable. Now, those of you who are into drag racing have probably heard about Drag Times and the man that started it. If not, this is an excellent way to get to know Brooks Weisblat better.

Who is Brooks Weisblat?

Brooks Weisblat has been part of the Frost Science Museum team for two decades. There, he manages the museum’s tech infrastructure and website development projects. Previous to that, he worked for the Florida State University and Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, where he taught biology and computer classes. He also has a Bachelor of Science in biology from the FSU and, on his spare time, manages the Drag Times outlet (website, Facebook, Instagram, and of course, Youtube). Brooks Weisblat is also the proud owner of a Ford GT and a McLaren 720S, but his garage also hosted a Nissan GT-R that used to run 10s on the quarter-mile back in the day.

Since you’re probably familiar with the Drag Times channel on YouTube, we’ll focus more on the Instagram feed, which is, in our book, a drag racing enthusiast’s paradise. So we’ll just let you scroll through our selection below. Enjoy.

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