Night vision sounds cool, but it’s also a very useful technology to have around

While some luxury carmakers have been offering customers the option of specifying night vision cameras for their new cars - BMW was been doing this and Mercedes-Benz as well - those who own older cars or models from carmakers that simply don’t offer such a gimmick can get access to a similar technology by getting a Lanmodo car night vision camera. If you’re anything like us, then you find driving on a poorly illuminated road more of a hassle than a pleasure-inducing activity, so bear with us to discover how can the Lanmodo camera change that.

Lanmodo Vast Car Night Vision Camera - What is it?

Lanmodo Vast Night Vision Camera
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As the name says, we’re looking at a camera with night vision capabilities that can be either placed on the dashboard or on the windscreen. Its whole purpose is to increase the driver’s perception during low-light situations - in fog, heavy snow, and of course, at night - beyond the reach of the car’s headlights. Why is this important? Well, mainly because around 90 percent of a driver’s decisions are based on what he or she sees. Moreover, 50 percent of car accidents tend to occur at night, when visibility is the poorest. The best part about Lanmodo’s car night vision camera is that you can mount it on pretty much every vehicle, ranging from your econobox to SUVs, pickups, or fully-blown trucks.

Lanmodo Vast Car Night Vision Camera - Design

First of all, Lanmodo is bragging about the fact that its night vision camera provides 1080p high resolution but also full-color images of the environment, whereas night vision setups found in luxury cars can only render black and white images. The camera uses an 8.2-inch HD screen and offers a 36-degree wide-angle vision field. Moreover, Lanmodo says its camera can offer crystal clear night view up to 300 meters (that’s 984 feet, roughly).

There are two ways you can position the night vision camera inside your car. For the first one, you’ll need the non-slip mat provided in the box. Attach it to the camera then simply position the whole thing on the dashboard, in a place where you can easily see the camera. The other way you can position the camera is by using the suction cup system that’s also included in the box. Select a suitable spot on the windscreen and you’re all set. Our tip is to go for the good old windscreen mount, as the hold is less susceptible to vibrations than the non-slip mat.

Lanmodo Vast Night Vision Camera
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Lanmodo also mentions that their Vast night vision camera is helpful for people with myopia or elders with vision problems. Well, we don’t know about that, but the camera itself looks like it can make a whole lot of difference for people who drive a lot during the night - we’re thinking truck and coach drivers, but also regular people who can’t afford a luxury car with a built-in night vision camera.

Speaking of affordability, the Lanmodo camera can be had for $499 on Amazon. That said, if we consider that most of these night vision setups come as a $2,500 option on high-end cars, the Lanmodo does look like a bargain.

Image color Full color
Resolution 1080p
Vision angle 36 degrees
Infrared type Active
Compatible cars 99% car models
Price $499
Screen 8.2 inches, HD
View distance (at night) up to 300 meters/984 feet
Size 225 mm x 85 mm
Night vision lens 28 mm 7G HD optical lens
Image processor Sony MCCD chip
Frame rate 30 fps
Working temperature -20/+80 degrees Celsius

Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System - What’s In The Box

Lanmodo Vast Night Vision Camera
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  • 1080p night vision camera + 720p rear view camera
  • OBD adapter
  • Cigarette lighter cable
  • Suction cup
  • Rear view camera cable
  • Input cable
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