The British carmaker doesn’t forget about the lifestyle side of owning a McLaren

Truth be told, after the unveiling of the McLaren GT, we were expecting some sort of fancy watch that would match the grand tourer’s design and ethos. That, however, didn’t happen but McLaren did have something lineup on the lifestyle and fashion front. Meet the brand’s McLaren Vision Collection, a selection of sunglasses and ophthalmic frames designed not only to make you look cool but also complement your personal style with the looks and quirks of your McLaren supercar. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a pair of McLaren sunglasses without actually owning a McLaren. Just don’t go near the Bespoke range, especially if you’re on a budget.

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First of all, you should know that McLaren is asking between £254 and £1,578 for the frames, which at current exchange rates translates into $322 and $2,000. Price aside, the coolest feature of the these glasses is that upon buying a pair, your face will be scanned and the frame 3D-printed according to the exact traits of your face to ensure a personalized fit. McLaren also says this kind of treatment is a first for the eyewear industry.

McLaren's Vision Collection Has 3D-Printed Glasses That Fit Your Face Perfectly
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In developing the glasses McLaren joined forces with France's optical specialist L'Amy Group which has been making glasses since 1810 and is currently working with brands like Cerruti 1881, Chevignon, New Balance, and Vespa.

Design-wise, the glasses (which, by the way, are available for both men and women) are as sleek as McLaren’s cars, but in all honesty, we weren’t expecting anything different. Titanium is the primary material used to form the frames which offer a design where "the lens is hung within the frame at two contact points only, maximizing vision and comfort."

McLaren's Vision Collection Has 3D-Printed Glasses That Fit Your Face Perfectly
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The Eyecare sun lenses are sourced from Leica and treated with a layer of AquaDura Vision anti-reflective coating, but you can have also fit the frames with prescription lenses, according to your needs. There are five types of lenses you can pick from, including Leica’s Driving Series. These, in particular, reduce eye fatigue and are said to expand the field of vision in the near and medium-range. Essentially, the AquaDura tech reduces glare caused by other vehicles’ headlights.

McLaren's Vision Collection Has 3D-Printed Glasses That Fit Your Face Perfectly
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The McLaren Vision Collection is not limited to just the driving bit. Customers can also pick the Golfing Series and its orange-tinted lenses as well as the Outdoor Series and Yachting Series. Also, if you happen to be on a budget, then we’d recommend the Core Series - you can choose from four frame designs (rimmed and rimless) and four arm colors: black, gray, yellow, red, or orange.

McLaren says the new collection should pop up at select retailers and online shops from July onwards. If you plan to take a trip to this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, then you’ll be able to see the collection on display there.

McLaren Vision Collection Range

Bespoke £1,578
Premium £868
Core £254

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