From chat apps to your car’s windows, who thought emojis will go such a long way?

In a world where emojis are dictating our writing and communication habits whether it’s WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform or chat app, the last thing we expected to see was an in-car system that displays emojis, allowing the driver to communicate with other traffic participants. That’s right, folks, the year is 2019, and someone thought of such a contraption. Even more, it was turned into a business idea that quickly popped up on Indiegogo. Where, we must say, it enjoyed bucketloads of success, raising more than $300,000 from 3,452 backers. Not impressed? Well, considering the campaign’s goal was to initially raise $20,000, we think you should be impressed after all. Let’s see what Mojipic is all about.

What is Mojipic?

It will take a while before the term gets coined into English, however, that depends on how successful the emerging business behind it will prove. Now, as its makers and they’ll say that Mojipic is the first "voice-controlled emoji car display." Fair enough, but the name doesn’t tell the whole story. Now, you might not believe it, but Mojipic was born out of Ilia Pashko’s desire to express his love for his favorite hockey team - that’s the Pittsburgh Penguins, by the way.

"We wanted something that could be attached to the car permanently, but also something that can be changed or customized easily based on the season or need. The idea soon morphed into what Mojipic is today."
Mojipic Lets You "Talk" To Other Drivers Through Emojis
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Essentially, Mojipic uses a device that can display emojis using LEDs. It can be attached to your car’s windows thanks to a custom-made mount. With that done, you connect it to your smartphone, download the Mojipic mobile app, and you’re basically set. Mojipic’s makers say the device will display your desired image even in heavy light conditions, but the best effect is obtained during the night or in low light.

Mojipic App

The Mojipic app is the brain of the device. Through it, you get access to a library of 1,500+ emojis and even GIFs. In addition, the device allows you to display a particular crest that belongs to your favorite hockey, football, soccer, or baseball team, plus flags of various countries and national symbols. The app also supports voice control, so all you have to do is say "Hey, Siri" / "OK Google" followed by "Display Cool," for example, and the device will show the particular emoji wearing sunglasses. What’s more, you can even create QR codes for promoting your business or in case you’re feeling creative, come up with your own designs and logos via the Mojipic app.

Mojipic Lets You "Talk" To Other Drivers Through Emojis
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Now, a few personal impressions, without actually using the product. Is it useful? Well, not really. Or at least we can’t see its utility right now. Is it fun? We think it could be, but can’t really tell if grown-ups actually have the time to send emojis to other drivers around them. In any case, you can get your Mojipic device for $69 (discounted from $99), with shipping expected to happen in August. Or, you can get two Mojipics for $109 (discounted from $198).

Mojipic Device Specs

Battery 8,200 mAh
Lighting LED 6000 cd, 32x32p
Power car charger, 12V
Mount size 258 x 54 mm (10.1 x 2.1 in)
Temperature operating range -25 to +60 degrees Celsius
Size 140 x 153 x 27 mm (5.5 x 6 x 1 in)
Mojipic Lets You "Talk" To Other Drivers Through Emojis
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Mojipic - What’s in the box

  • Mojipic device
  • Car plug-in
  • Mount with silicone suction cups
  • Manual
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