Instant torque meets the off-road...and wins

Nikola Motors is looking to extend its business horizon beyond the semi-truck area with a new range of electric UTVs that are built to thrill. The company’s range offers three electric semi-trucks at the moment – suggestively named Nikola One, Two. and Tre. And, as of recently, Nikola Motors offers the Powersports lineup - which is home to the new NZT electric off-roader.

Nikola NZT Electric Buddy

Nikola NZT Electric Buggy Subdues Off-Road Trails in Perfect Silence
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At the core of this buggy-shaped contraption are four independent electric motors – two of them on each axle; or e-axles, as Nikola’s literature calls them.

Between them, the motors produce 590 horsepower and 775 pound-feet of instant torque.

Oh, and every electric motor is IP68 rated, which is code for fully waterproof.

How waterproof? Well, let’s put it into context: you can submerge the Nikola NZT in waters with a depth of up to one meter (3,28 feet) for as long as 30 minutes without having to worry about damaging the components.

Here’s a Nikola NZT prototype in action:

Now, further down the goodie list, you’ll find Fox 3.0 internal bypass shocks with 18-inch travel, very similar to those used by the Ford F-150 Raptor, a 13-inch tablet-style infotainment display that’s also IP68 waterproof and a 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) sprint time measured at four seconds.

Watch the Nikola NZT official unveil video:

Right, you don’t want a drained battery stop you from climbing that sand dune, right? Nikola Motors says the NZT can satisfy your hooning habits for 150 miles (240 km) on a full charge thanks to a 125kWh battery pack. That’s not bad, but it is something to keep in mind and closely monitor when cruising through wild areas – it goes without saying that spending the night in the desert is not a good idea.

Nikola NZT Electric Buggy Subdues Off-Road Trails in Perfect Silence
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As for charging, you’ll have to wait two hours for a complete battery replenish should you use a DC fast charger or up to 15 hours in case you’ll go for a 240V outlet.

Nikola NZT is slated to arrive in 2021 with a spicy starting price tag of $80,000 (roughly €72,000). You can reserve yours at no cost on the Nikola Motors website.
Nikola NZT Electric Buggy Subdues Off-Road Trails in Perfect Silence
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Nikola NZT specifications
Engine Type 400V AC Motors
Battery Capacity 125 kWh Lithium Ion Battery Pack
Transmission Single gear reduction at each wheel
Drive System On-Demand 4x4 or 2x4
Engine Braking System (EBS) Motor Regenerative Braking
Control Arms High Grade Steel Webbing
ABS Anti Lock Braking
Horsepower 590 HP
Torque 775 LB-FT
0 to 60 mph 4.0 seconds
Mile range up to 150 miles
Wheelbase 125 inches
Length 160 inches
Width 72 inches
Height 73 inches

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