One minor drawback, though: it’s just a concept for the time being

Of course, Nissan couldn’t miss this year’s Overland West Expo 2019. The Japanese carmaker brought an action-ready, one-off Nissan Frontier pickup truck dubbed Destination Frontier that turns America’s most affordable truck into the country’s least expensive overlanding machine. Here’s everything you need to know about the Nissan Destination Frontier.

What is a Nissan Frontier pickup truck in the first place?

Nissan Destination Frontier Is Your Affordable, Overlanding-Ready Pickup Truck
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The Frontier is Nissan’s player in the midsize truck niche on the US market. It rivals the likes of Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger, GMC Canyon, Honda Ridgeline, and Toyota Tacoma, with Nissan’s main selling point being the affordable price tag: $19,090. With that in mind, here’s a side-by-side price comparison between the Nissan Frontier and its competitors.

You can have the Nissan Frontier with either 4x2 or 4x4. The engine lineup consists of two units: a 4-liter DOHC V-6 and a 2.5-liter inline-four. Here’s how the two fare against each other.

Nissan Frontier specs
Engine V-6 4-cylinder
Displacement 4 liters 2.5 liters
Power 261 horsepower 152 horsepower
Torque 281 pound-feet 171 pound-feet
Towing capacity up to 6,720 pounds up to 3,500 pounds

OK, now tell me more about the Nissan Destination Frontier truck

Nissan Destination Frontier Is Your Affordable, Overlanding-Ready Pickup Truck
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Right, back to the reason we brought you here.

The Nissan Destination Frontier stems from Nissan's creed that "hobbies don't have to cost of fortune."

We agree. They shouldn’t. The carmaker also says that with around $40,000 in your pocket/bank account, the Destination Frontier project can be done, which means you’ll be actually doubling down on its starting price.

The Destination Frontier is actually a 2019 Frontier Crew Cab SV 4x4 Midnight Edition in disguise. From here, Nissan’s team of engineers took over and grafted a 3-inch suspension lift kit complemented by Nitto Trail Grappler off-road tires wrapped around American Racing AX201 wheels. This basically solves two potential issues: low traction in rough terrain and rock climbing difficulties. Plus, it makes the whole truck look way cooler than before. So, yeah. We’ll have those.

Nissan Destination Frontier Is Your Affordable, Overlanding-Ready Pickup Truck
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With that sorted, it was time to focus on the protection and safety side. These come in the shape of Hefty Fabworks front bumper, skid plates, and rock sliders to keep those vital components like the engine and transmission out of harm’s way.

The icing on the cake is a ZEON 10-S front winch that'll come in handy when geography decides to ruin your day.

Or should we say days instead? That’s right; there’s a bit of overlanding DNA baked into this unique Nissan Frontier thanks to a Leitner Designs bed rack that holds a Mount Shasta rooftop tent and a Dometic fridge&freezer. This translates into more time out in the wild, without the need to make a detour to the nearest town to eat, drink, or sleep. Again, we’ll have that.

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