Charging three devices at the same time has never been simpler

One of the most bothering first world problems we can think of has a lot to do with charging your devices. Our modern lives depend so much on these gizmos that most of us panic at the mere thought of a depleted battery. Luckily, technology works for us once again — this time, shaped as the Nomad Base Station Apple Watch Edition.

Nomad's Base Station Solves Your First World Charging Problems
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Remember when your only charging concern came up once every week because your Nokia phone didn’t need a daily meeting with electricity? Well, we do.

Especially when these days, the daily to-charge list is made up of a smartphone, its pods, and the matching smartwatch. That’s right; heavy-duty Apple users already know that we’re talking about the Apple iPhone - Apple Watch - Apple AirPods triplet. But this is where Nomad’s contraption comes into play.

Essentially a wireless charging hub, the station charger has three Qi-certified power coils (7.5W each) and a built-in Apple Watch charger.

This way, you can have all your gadgets charged in one place, at the same time. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you can only charge AirPods via the Apple-provided wireless charging case.

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The built-in LED charging indicators - one for each coil - will turn white when the devices are fully charged or amber while charging is in progress. All you have to do is simply place the iPhone or AirPads on one of the charging coils and simply let the power of induction do the trick.

Usability aside, Nomad tells us the stand is also designed with both durability and sleek looks in mind. In this regard, it features an "aircraft-grade" aluminum body finished in Gunmetal Gray and leather padding for the charging surface. And the whole thingamajig sits on grippy rubber mini-feet that promise to keep it safe on your nightstand.

You can order one right off the Nomad website for $139.95. At the time of writing, though, the charger was out of stock, but the store allows backordering, with shipping times of at least four weeks.

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