Get a Tesla Model 3 and then get Nomad’s sleek wireless phone charger

Finding aftermarket bits and bobs that fit your car perfectly is, at times, a tough task. And we’re not talking solely about the tuning scene, with its aero parts and custom wheel designs. So, consider this: how long have you been searching for, let’s say, a decent car phone charger that doesn’t break after the first use or doesn’t mess up your smartphone’s battery? California-based Nomad has been selling high-quality chargers, cables, phone cases, and other such contraptions since 2012, and it is now exploring the in-car charging gear avenue with a dual, wireless phone charger designed specifically for the Tesla Model 3.

Nomad Tesla Model 3 Wireless Charger - Design

Nomad Tesla Model 3 Wireless Phone Charger
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In typical Nomad fashion, the Tesla Model 3 wireless charger is as minimalistic as they come. Nomad says its product "is the premier smartphone charging tool while you’re on the road," and while we understand the need to spice things up from a marketing standpoint, their products are well-known for high-quality build and smooth design.

Anyway, the wireless charger is designed specifically for the Model 3 - that is, it will only fit in the EV’s designated charging dock and can charge two devices at the same time. Now, Nomad didn’t just make it look good; it also made the charger a well-rounded package that touches on the practicality side. That’s best represented by the anti-slip rubber base which makes sure both the charger itself and the two phones won’t slide off and go for a hike inside the cabin while driving.

Nomad also mentions that its charger is optimized for "all-new iPhones" which, in fact, means it’s compatible with the likes of iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8+, and iPhone 8. Those who own an Android device can also use the charger, provided their phones are Qi-compatible. Yes, you can even charge a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Note 8, but they won’t fit with the case on, so you’ll have to remove that. This goes without saying, but we’ll repeat it because, well, you never know: don’t charge your phone wirelessly if it’s fitted with a steel plate or a magnetic back, as this can generate high temperatures and basically harm your device.

The charger’s max power output is 15W (7.5W per each side), and it also comes with LED indicators. White means fully charged, amber is for charging in progress, and blinking amber lets you know that the device has not been recognized. Moreover, you won’t be able to use the charger when the car is powered off, as it is designed to turn on/off with the car.

Nomad Tesla Model 3 Wireless Charger - Price and Where To Buy

Nomad Tesla Model 3 Wireless Phone Charger
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Nomad’s wireless charger for the Tesla Model 3 is available on the company’s website, but you can also get it on Amazon, for a price tag of $129.95. You should also know that Nomad is offering free two-day shipping on its Tesla charger, but that’s only applicable to US-based customers.

Power 15 W
Materials Molded TPE, polycarbonate frame, anti-skid rubber grip
Light indicator LED
USB connectors 2
Size 4.11 cm x 26.35 cm x 22.38 cm
Weight 0.75 kg
Warranty 2 years
Price $129.95

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