The German tuner went further and even concocted a couple of mechanical tweaks

We’re willing to bet our lunch money that you’ve heard of Novitec before, especially in connection to heavyweight names such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren of Rolls-Royce. But those who have developed an interest in the German tuner’s work know it also directs some resources into churning out subtle packs that touch on Teslas, under the Novitec for Tesla tab. So far, Novitec had a go at the Model S and Model X, so it was really just a matter of time before the Model 3 was given its fair share of attention. Mind you, the add-ons fall on the subtle side, which is perhaps the best route to take, especially since some years ago Elon Musk was adamant that owners should not, under any circumstances, tune or modify their vehicles as this would unbalance their working order. We’ll deal with that aspect in the following lines, but let us first have a good look at Novitec’s treatment for the Model 3.

Novitec Tesla Model 3 - Exterior

The obvious changes Novitec brings to the Model 3 touch on the EV’s exterior, but they’re not just form without function.

According to the tuner’s catalog, the bits and bobs improve the Model 3’s aerodynamics, besides spicing up its look a couple of notches.

It’s worth saying the the package is joined by a set of 21-inch forged wheels that have been developed together with American wheel manufacturer Vossen. Those are available in 72 colors. Now, Novitec likes to keep things on the exclusive end, which is why these wheels won’t fit any other car except a Model 3. The wheels are also said to use the stock tire pressure monitors and center caps, while customers are given the opportunity to specify their own desired finishing options - transparent or solid.

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As for aerodynamics, Novitec says it didn’t just get the body parts out of the bag. They’re the resulting product of “extensive wind tunnel testing” but at the same time, they do not ruin the Model 3’s overall aesthetics or working order. More precisely, what Novitec will add to your Model 3 involves a front spoiler lip, side panels (which come as a set of two), a discrete rear spoiler, and a rear diffuser. Every component is made of visible carbon fiber. On a personal note, we like how the add-ons don’t necessarily make the Model 3 more aggressive, but either highlight and enhance its lines and shapes.

Novitec Tesla Model 3 - Interior

Novitec's Take on the Tesla Model 3 Is a Song of Carbon Fiber
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Interior changes don’t step away from the whole pack’s ethos and what we really mean by that is that they, too, fall on the subtle side.

Now, some might catalog the Model 3’s interior as pretty basic and simplistic. And they’d be right, but that’s how it’s supposed to be. Otherwise, the Model 3 would lose its affordable nature. However, Novitec took the time to think about those who might want a plushier cabin, so for them, it can sprinkle enough leather and Alcantara “in any color” to fulfil their most creative dreams.

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Novitec Tesla Model 3 - Performance

Novitec's Take on the Tesla Model 3 Is a Song of Carbon Fiber
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It’s safe to say that since the tuner doesn’t mention it, it hasn’t made a move that’d try to bump up the Model 3’s powertrain. We’re not sure they have the know how to do that (they’re quite apt and boosting V-8s and V-12s, for that matter, but no necessarily electric powertrains) and at the same time, in the right guise, the Model 3 is no slouch. What Novitec did, however, was play a little with the EV’s suspension setup. By play we mean that customers can either get a spring kit that reduces the car’s height or the full suspension treatment - the latter involves a completely new setup that is fully adjustable.

The lowering kit will take the Model 3 30 millimetres closer to the ground and can be installed in RWD or AWD variants, but for more flexibility, you’ll want to take the KW aluminum coilover suspension.

The setup allows you to adjust the ride heigh by 40 mm on all four corners and utilises aluminum shock absorbers. Again, it is suitable for both RWD and AWD versions of the Tesla Model 3. And here comes another functional bit - according to Novitec, this particular suspension setup won’t just translate into better on-the-road composure, but it will actually help you reduce power consumption by 7 percent - that, however, only applies for long journeys where you are most likely to travel at constant speeds, without having to accelerate a lot to get up to speed with the surrounding traffic.

Novitec's Take on the Tesla Model 3 Is a Song of Carbon Fiber
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Tesla Model 3 Performance Specs

Range 310 miles
Top speed 162 mph (260 km/h)
0-60 mph (96 km/h) 3.2 s
Price $46,315
Performance brakes yes
Carbon fiber spoiler yes
Lowered suspension yes
Battery capacity 50 kWh and 75 kWh

A few words about tuning a Tesla

Novitec's Take on the Tesla Model 3 Is a Song of Carbon Fiber
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Instead of the run-of-the-mill conclusion, we thought we’d touch base with the practice that involves tuning a Tesla. Now, do you remember when back in 2015, Elon Musk urged costumers not to tune-up their Teslas? No? This are his exact words:

“If our vehicle owners customise our vehicles or change the charging infrastructure with aftermarket products, the vehicle may not operate properly, which could harm our business.”

The background for this consisted of a trend where customers would take their Model S (the Model 3 was still a blueprint back then) and change wheels, tires, or swap the stock audio setup for larger speaker systems.

Moreover, some took out the factory-installed seats and replaced them in an attempt to sit higher behind the wheel. That aside, there’s always the possibility of getting yourself electrocuted when trying to mess with any Tesla’s battery pack, cables, and connectors, unless you have a Hulk-like grasp on what you’re doing.

Novitec's Take on the Tesla Model 3 Is a Song of Carbon Fiber
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Then again, people have been customising their rides since forever and there’s always the argument that they paid for it in the first place, so they can turn it into whatever they want, even if it’s a Tesla Model 3. We can’t imagine how subtle treatments like Novitec’s can actually harm a Model 3, but we’re sure Tesla would be adamant that you shouldn’t do it anyway.

At the same time, there is someone who got tired of waiting for the promised Tesla pickup truck and took matter into her own hands: bought a squeaky new Model 3 and turned it into a pickup truck suggestively called Truckla. Oh, and some of the added parts came as a $200 roof rack found on Craigslist, which was turned into stabilizer bars that would offer extra stiffness to a car that’s had its roof and rear end chopped off. Honestly, that car makes Novitec’s package fade away like mist under the hot sun.

Whichever way you go, promise us one thing: don’t pull off a stupid move and get yourself killed and always go to professionals when it comes to tuning your Tesla. If you’re gonna do it, then at least do it right.

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