You could attach it to your 300SL, of course, but it’s so lightweight that even a 2002 Corolla could pull it

There’s a new player on the teardrop trailer market. It goes by the name of Polydrops, a company founded by an architecture student who wanted to build his own trailer, light enough to be pulled by his wife’s four-cylinder car. The result was a featherweight wooden trailer that tipped that scales at just 680 pounds - the predecessor of the Polydrop Trailer.

The Polydrop Trailer is here to make teardrop trailers great again

Polydrops' Spaceship-Inspired Teardrop Trailer Has Rad Gullwing Doors
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Teardrop trailers are not a new concept. Far from it. The idea of a lightweight trailer that was compact but could still shelter two adults plus a basic kitchen and some storage space caught momentum in the 1930s. Back then, they were usually made from sheets of plywood joined with hardwood spars and enjoyed a great deal of popularity until the 1960s, when the world began to forget them.

Thanks to the internet, a handful of design plans became available to the wide public towards the end of the 1990s.

The teardrop trailer started to climb the popularity ladder again up to this day and among those who booked a ticket for that train is Polydrops and its Polydrop Trailer.

OK, but what makes the Polydrop Trailer so special?

Polydrops' Spaceship-Inspired Teardrop Trailer Has Rad Gullwing Doors
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First of all, it has gullwing doors. Yes, kind of like the Mercedes-Benz 300SL, just not that elegant and curvy. Polydrops calls its trailer a "portable private space" because it can be used as a private office or learning space. Which makes sense, because when you want some quiet, the thick wall insulation (up to 8.2 inches) should provide that. Together with a cozy interior temperature that’ll keep you from freezing, of course.

The trailer’s independent suspension is developed by Timbren (known for aftermarket suspension setups for trucks and off-roaders), and it works in tandem with a hydraulic brake system from Titan and a pair of 13-inch wheels. And if you’re thinking the whole thing looks like a spaceship, that’s because it was inspired by the aeronautical industry - hence the aluminum outer shell that also helps with lowering the overall weight.

Besides enough sleeping space for two adults on a 5.5-inch thick mattress, you also get a kitchenette in the rear of the trailer.

It even has a 100W solar charging system - that powers the heater, 12V outlet, and the two USB ports - and promises not to make your life a living hell around the city thanks to a 4x8 foot (also aluminum) trailer bed.

This size allows for the widest point of the trailer to measure just 5.5 feet. Last but not least, the trailer tips the scales at just 760 pounds (344 kilos), making it easy to tow even if you happen to drive an econobox.

At the time of writing, the 2019 Polydrop Trailer - Limited Edition was available for $9,000 (discounted from $13,000) on the Polydrops website. The company is also accepting $6,000 deposits that would help it cover the cost of the materials.

Polydrop Trailer by the numbers

Weight 760 pounds / 345 kilos
Tongue weight 80 pounds / 36 kilos
Exterior length (with tongue) 149 inches / 378 cm
Exterior width @ widest point 65.6 inches / 166.6 cm
Exterior height (from the ground) 63.6 inches / 161.5 cm
Cabin length 75.3 inches / 191 cm
Cabin width 48 inches / 122 cm
Cabin height (without mattress) 42 inches / 109 cm
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