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There’s no shortage of alien-looking SUVs and supercars/sports car looking for eccentric owners. The Rezvani Tank is one of the first contraptions that come to mind, but so does the 1,200-horsepower Zenvo TSR S and its active rear wing or the Apollo IE.

But there comes a time when a crazy manufacturer you thought you never heard of concocts a devilish vehicle that brings more questions than answers. Ramsmobile is one such carmaker. In fact, Ramsmobile describes itself as “a manufacturer of luxury off-road vehicles,” but it also produces Hybrid-X doors made of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and stainless steel. The company is rooted in Belarus but makes its SUVs in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

We, however, stumbled upon them thanks to the RM-X2 bulletproof SUV. Well, it’s not exactly an SUV, but bear with us while we clear the air for you.

OK, what’s a Ramsmobile RM-X2?

Ramsmobile's 999-Horsepower RM-X2 Is Out For Rezvani Tank Blood
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Ask the company that produces it, and you’ll get a two-word answer: multipurpose hypercar. It also looks like it could waltz through a zombie apocalypse…no, make that any apocalypse, so let’s start with the design bit. Now, Ramsmobile showed its RM-X2 at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show with big claims: the RM-X2 is bulletproof, and it looks like Lucifer’s next hell chariot.

Ramsmobile’s RX-X2 comes in four different flavors: Ascetic, Devil, God, and Ramsider.

Ascetic is the most basic version, and the same source tells us it tips the scales at just 3,300 pounds (1,496 kilos), which was possible thanks to a carbon-fiber body. Neat, as long as you’re a loner who enjoys roaming the Earth’s crust with absolutely no care in the world for comfort whatsoever. So this is for the John Rambo in you.

Ramsmobile's 999-Horsepower RM-X2 Is Out For Rezvani Tank Blood
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Devil, on the other hand, brings the off-road noise. You can have it with a tank-like central track that’s 15 inches wide, but Ramsmobile will gladly upgrade that to 24 inches. Now, as far as the interior is concerned, we can’t think of any words to describe it other than an Egyptian-voodoo-like-opulence-unleashed-kind-of-thing. Sorry, we tried. The other two trims, God and Ramsider, are in the making, so there’s not much detail about them at this point, although the Ramsider should be the fullest plate Ramsmobile has to offer for the RM-X2.

Should I even ask what’s under the hood?

Ramsmobile's 999-Horsepower RM-X2 Is Out For Rezvani Tank Blood
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Be our guest.

Ramsmobile offers two powertrain options for the RM-X2, and we have a feeling you’ll love both of them.

The first choice is the same 6.2-liter LTS V-8 engine that roars inside the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 of the C7 generation. We don’t know whether Ramsmobile stuck its nose here as well and customers are getting a beefed-up power output, but we do know that bone-stock, the V-8 pumps out 755 horsepower and 715 pound-feet of torque. Yup, we’ll take that as it is. CNET’s Road/Show, however, reports that the RM-X2 will come with 999 horsepower, so it could be from this engine or from the next one.

The other engine choice is even more ‘Murican: a 6.6-liter Duramax diesel V-8 unit that normally comes attached to a Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra. Again, there’s no word on how much oomph it makes inside the RM-X2, but the LML version of it is good for 397 horsepower and 765 pound-feet of torque. We’re guessing you’ll want this particular engine if you plan on getting up close and personal with the rugged wilderness via some serious off-roading. Either way, it looks like Ramsmobile has everyone covered.

Ramsmobile's 999-Horsepower RM-X2 Is Out For Rezvani Tank Blood
- image 861815

Both engines are married to Allison automatic transmissions, and there’s even word of “EV motor and batteries” inside Ramsmobile’s press blurb, but the company doesn’t get into specifics. Maybe there’s an electric system used for granting extra oomph to each engine, who knows? Of course, you can harness all the power in the world, but you’d be nothing without grip which comes from MT or AT tires available in 38x15.5x20 inches, 38x15.5x22 inches, or even 38x15.5x24 inches.

I thought I read bulletproof…

Ramsmobile's 999-Horsepower RM-X2 Is Out For Rezvani Tank Blood
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Yeah, you did. Ramsmobile trumpets “ultra-light bullet protection” up to level B6, which can stop anything that’s non-piercing rounds. Optionally, you can upgrade to B7 ballistic protection, which will bring an infusion of modified polyethylene, titanium, and kevlar. Believe it or not, there’s even a smoker’s package that brings an electronic hookah to your RM-X2. So yeah, opulence…it has it.

As for price tag, the entry-level RM-X2 will start at $999,999.

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