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In our search for awesome stuff on the internet we stumbled upon a YouTube video that’s nothing short of pure art. And no, it’s not about a painting or a sculpture. Instead, it shows how mixing a lot of effort with TrackMania’s track builder feature and classical music can lead to a masterpiece.

Long story short, someone had the brilliant idea to synchronize the Ride of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner with a custom-made TrackMania race track.

Now, we’ve mentioned TrackMania a couple of times so in case you’re not familiar with the game, here’s what you’ve missed.

TrackMania was first released in 2003 on PC by Paris-based video game developer Nadeo, which was later acquired by Ubisoft in 2009.

The game retained a strong arcade flavor but went against the grain with a feature that to this day mesmerizes the player: besides letting you select a track and simply play the game, TrackMania also allows players to build their own race tracks.

As you probably imagine, since the game evolved and for its latest instalment (that’s TrackMania Turbo or TMT), the possibilities are virtually endless, and the in-game track editor itself looks like a building simulator.

You can play around with just about any sort of structure known to man from concrete walls to steel bars and ramps and even terraform here and there. Simply put, your creativity’s the limit here, not the sky.


Which brings us to the topic at hand. YouTuber DoodleChaos didn’t just create a very demanding race track - he also managed to play it flawlessly and sync the car’s movement to the Ride of Valkyries soundtrack.

Mind you, that wasn’t a piece of cake. Even the video’s description says that he had to "restart from the beginning every time I wanted to adjust or move a block." And in case you’re wondering, the final video took one month to complete. But was it worth it? You bet.

The track has some tricky jumps that were hard to execute in the first place, without even matching the action with a tune.

What else should I know about TrackMania?

Well, for starters, you can play it on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo DS, Wii and, of course, PC. A very neat feature is that cars are dispatched and dropped by a helicopter at the beginning of the race.

The gameplay is quite easy to absorb and learn, but don’t get ahead of yourselves - steering your car to the finish line won’t be a walk in the park because the game’ physics will make sure of that.

At the time of writing, the game holds six Guinness World Records, including honors for "Biggest Online Race," "Most Popular Online Racing Sim," and "Largest Content Base of Any Racing Game."

The original TrackMania had three cars, each based on real cars built by Renault, Suzuki, and Ford. TrackMania Turbo, however, allows players to pick one of four cars, as highlighted in the video below.

Once you’ve picked a car, you simply race through checkpoints against ghost cars with the aim to get the best time on each track. By the way, TrackMania Turbo packs 200 standard tracks, 5 levels of difficulty and the builder we mentioned above. You can even (try to) synchronize two drivers on the same car, but good luck with that.

You can get TrackMania Turbo on Amazon for $29.88.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to the video below and enjoy two minutes of harmonious gameplay. We’ve watched it for quite some time and still can’t believe how relaxing it is.

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