They’re available for the M5, M2 Competition, and 5 Series

Getting the right mix when it comes to tuning your car shouldn’t be regarded superficially. We mean, there are, and there will be a lot of bad examples of tuning exercises that rather destroy a car’s general appearance instead of boosting it, so you really don’t want to be that guy. Luckily, with companies such as Europe-based Sterckenn, pimping out your ride doesn’t have to turn into a full-on ricer job. In fact, their aero parts are so discrete that the rest of the car will stand out once you’ve fitted them in.

Who is Sterckenn and why should I care?

Sterckenn is headquartered in Rotherham, England, while their logistics center is located in Warsaw, Poland. The company says its products (mostly aero bits and bobs) use solely high-quality prepreg carbon fiber and are manufactured in Europe. Moreover, Sterckenn says its splitters, front lips, rear spoiler, and diffusers actually provide aero downforce while "keeping standard usability." Well, that sounds like a prerequisite when you’re trying to sell such components to people who own high-performance cars such as the BMW M3/M4 (F80/F82), and the M5 (F10).

Sterckenn's Carbon Fiber Aero Parts Will Style Up Your BMW
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Now, coming back to prepreg carbon fiber, if you’re not familiar with the term, here’s what it stands for. Prepreg is the popular term for a reinforced fabric that’s been impregnated with a resin (this is usually epoxy) that already contains the curing agent. Essentially, the prepreg carbon fiber is ready to be shaped in a mold as it is, without needing other substances. Most tuners go for this kind of solution because it is less messy and needs less curing time, among other advantages.

Sterckenn’s new aero kits for the M5, M2 Competition, and 5 Series

Sterckenn's Carbon Fiber Aero Parts Will Style Up Your BMW
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According to BMW Blog, Sterckenn is rolling out a new range of aero upgrades for a very distinguished selection of BMW models. These are the M5 (F90), the 5 Series (G30), and the M2 Competition. Now, Sterckenn says its components can be installed on the OEM parts thanks to their add-on form. They are also said to perfectly fit the stock parts provided by BMW.

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If we are to get into the details, then the BMW M5 gets a front splitter and a rear diffuser. In typical Sterckenn fashion, the parts are subtly designed and don’t spoil the overall look of the M5. In fact, they highlight the performance sedan’s lines even more. Moreover, the front splitter can be mounted either with or without M Performance parts, so you won’t have to change or replace anything that comes on your car from the factory. Most important, those who put a high price on practicality should know what installing the diffuser doesn’t impair the Hands-Free Tailgate Access feature. Additional parts offered by Sterckenn for the 5 Series family (non-M, that is) include a carbon fiber lip and a carbon fiber diffuser.

As far as the M2 Competition is concerned, a front splitter is once again on the menu. Sterckenn mentions that its component adds extra flavor to the German coupe but doesn’t lower the ground clearance of the vehicle.

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