• Super73’s Z1 Electric Motorbike Was Made For Generation Z

That doesn’t mean you can’t ride one even if you’re a baby boomer

Super73 is based in Orange County, California. Since 2016, it has been designing and assembling the Super73 motorbike. In time, they’ve expanded the range to include a different version of its bike, tailored for different needs and desires. But today, we’ll be focusing on one particular model - and that’s the Super73 Z1 electric motorbike.

What’s a Super73 Z1?

Super73's Z1 Electric Motorbike Was Made For Generation Z
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For starters, it’s called Z1 because it was built for the Generation Z - or at least that’s what Super73’s CEO says. Compared to the brand’s S Series, the Z Series it is lighter, more agile, and more compact. Also a tad less expensive.

In case you’re asking yourselves "hold on a second, this is an electric motorbike, how come it has such a sleek design?" then here’s the trick: the 11.6-Ah battery pack is integrated with the elongated seat, together with the motor controller.

Furthermore, the 500-watt electric motor is of the hub variety and sits nicely tucked inside the rear wheel.

Side by side: Super73 Z1 vs Super73 S1

Super73 Z1 vs Super73 S1
Super73 Z1 Super73 S1
Motor 500 watts 500 watts
Battery 36 V/11.6 Ah 48V/14.5 Ah
Charger 2A 5A
Top Speed 20 mph 20 mph
Range 20-25 miles 30-35 miles
Price $1,400 $2,200

Super73 Z1 electric motorbike - tell me more about it

Super73's Z1 Electric Motorbike Was Made For Generation Z
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It’s essential to take into consideration that the Super73 Z1 was made for cruising and errand running. So, if you’re looking for a bike that’s more apt at roaming the hills and has a better range, then perhaps you’ll want to consider buying something from the S Series lineup.

That said, the Z1 offers a maximum range of 15 to 20 miles (24 to 32 km). Again, that fluctuates based on a couple of variables, such as the rider’s weight, the terrain you’ll ride on, inclination, speed, and so on. Speaking of rider weight, the manufacturer says the Z1 can hold a person that tips the scales at 275 pounds (roughly 125 kilos), so we’re guessing that covers pretty much everyone.

Super73's Z1 Electric Motorbike Was Made For Generation Z
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Top speed is pegged at 20 mph (32 km/h) while stopping power falls in the task of a Tektro mechanical system with brake disc on both wheels.

Now, these are not as efficient as the hydraulic ilk, but given the Z1’s small size compared to some of its peer, they should do just fine. They’re also less expensive, which means the bike won’t be too harsh on your wallet.

The bike is also fitted with a cadence sensor, which is essentially a fancy name for a crank-positioned magnet that turns the electric motor on once you start to pedal and off when you stop pedaling. Charging wise, the bike comes with a 2A charger that will fully replenish the battery in 5-6 hours.

Super73's Z1 Electric Motorbike Was Made For Generation Z
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The Super73 Z1 ships only to the USA for the time being. You can get yours on Amazon for $1,399.

Super73 Z1 specs

Super73 Z1 specs
Motor: electric, hub
Power (nominal): 500 watts
Power (peak): 1,000 watts
Battery: 11.6 Ah, 36V
Top speed: 20 mph (32 km/h)
Range: 15-20 miles (24-32 km)
Weight: 56 pounds (25.4 kg)
Tires: 20 inches x 4 inches slicks
Max rider weight: 275 pounds (125 kilos)
Wheelbase: 39 inches
Length: 61 inches


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