Don’t misjudge it by its harmless mountain bike-like looks, because this bike is an industrious machine on the inside

Electric bikes? We’ve seen our fair share. Each of them wanting to catch the eye with a feature, no matter how small, when all we really want is range, range, range. Carmakers are also pretty active in the e-bike segment, with names like BMW, Peugeot, and Lamborghini each offering such a concoction. So here comes an Indiegogo-backed electric bike project that wants to turn our worlds upside down with a claimed range that pretty much trumps every other e-bike option out there. Meet the Fuell Fluid electric bike. Now that we’ve pushed your curiosity button, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Fuell Fluid Electric Bike Design

First things first: looks. You’ll be surprised to discover that the Fuell Fluid e-bike doesn’t look that different from your run-of-the-mill mountain bike. But at a closer inspection, its quirks become pretty obvious, which is kind of natural since the e-bike was designed and built under the supervision of Erik Buell, a former engineer at Harley-Davidson. Now, the whole philosophy behind the Fuell Fluid is that you, the rider, should travel far.

For that to happen, the bike was fitted with two 504 Wh battery packs integrated into the frame.

Yes, the two batteries can be replaced by just switching a knob, getting the depleted battery out and swapping it for a fully charged one. Another cool trick Mr. Buell pulled off was to fit it with a carbon belt and internal hub gears, effectively kissing oil leaks and greasy parts goodbye for good.

The Fuell Fluid Electric Bike Wants To Break Range Barriers For Good
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The bike’s minimalistic, almost Swedish-like design - we keep mentally comparing it to a modern Volvo - found room for a 3.2-inch screen mounted on the handlebar, which lets the rider access info on battery level and current speed, as well as adjust the assistance levels provided by the electric motor and charge his or her phone.

Fuell Fluid Electric Bike Performance

The Fuell Fluid Electric Bike Wants To Break Range Barriers For Good
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This is where things get really juicy.

The Fuell Fluid has a projected maximum range of 125 miles (that’s around 200 kilometers) and depending on the version; you’re looking at top speeds of anywhere between 25 km/h (15.5 mph) and 45 km/h (28 mph).

Now, the Fuell Fluid comes in two versions. They are Fluid 1 (for both the US and EU), with the mention that the US versions get a 500W motor instead of the 250W offered for the European iteration and Fluid 1S - which uses a 500W motor and can be had in both the US and EU. We’ve touched on power but stopping abilities are also essential here, and they’re provided by a pair of Tektro 180 mm disc brakes.

Fuell Fluid Electric Bike Vs. Peugeot eT01 PowerTube Vs. Lamborghini Crosser

To put things into context and have a look at the bigger picture, we should look at two of the other products deemed as high-end, electric bikes: the Peugeot eT01 PowerTube and Lamborghini’s Crosser. That said, below you’ll find a detailed side-by-side comparison between the three bikes.

Fuell Fluid 1S Peugeot Power Tube Lamborghini Crosser
Motor output 500W 250W 250W
Torque 100 Nm 50 Nm TBA
Top speed 28 mph (45 km/h) 15.5 mph (25 km/h) 15.5 mph (25 km/h)
Range 125 miles (220 km) 80 miles (130 km) TBA
Battery capacity 1,008 Wh 500 Wh 500 Wh
Price $3,199 $3,699 $11,000

At the time of writing, the Fuell Fluid 1 was available for $2,749 (discounted from $3,999), while the Fluid 1S could be had for $3,249 (discounted from $4,599). You can check out more pricing on the e-bike’s Indiegogo project page.

Motor 500 W
Torque 100 Nm (73.7 lb-ft)
Frame aluminum
Drive system carbon belt
Batteries 1,008 Wh (2 x 504 Wh packs)
Range 125 miles (200 km)
Quick charging 2.5 hours to 80 percent
Full charging 5 hours
Display 3.2 inches
Top speed 15-28 mph (25-45 km/h), depending on version
Gears Shimano Alfine 8-speed hub
Brakes Hydraulic, disc
Weight 69 pounds (31 kilos)
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