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Although it comes from the same umbrella as its Toyota-badged cousins, the Lexus GX isn’t an off-road aficionado’s first choice when it comes to overlanding or tackling remote trails. But that doesn’t mean that the luxed-up GX doesn’t possess the same go-anywhere prowess as a Land Cruiser, for example. On that note, Lexus seems to be toying with the idea that an off-road ready GX might appeal to those who still wish to taste a dose of luxury when getting down and dirty off the beaten path. That’s how we get to tell you about the Lexus GXOR concept. In case you’re wondering, GXOR is short for GX Off-Road and Lexus says the concept was developed with input for its passionate owner base. Let’s see what’s the deal with it.

Lexus GXOR Concept - Design

In building the GX Off-Road concept, the obvious add-on Lexus brought to the regular GX is the Patriot Campers X1H trailer.

Now, the trailer is cool in particular for the fact that it deploys an automatic folding and unfolding system (via a remote control) that lets you set up camp without a fuss. But it is also built around a 960-kilo aluminum body and Rigilite chassis and packs a handful of modern amenities, including USB and 12V ports, LED lights, 16-inch alloy wheels, and an L-shaped slide-out kitchen.

Patriot Campers X1H trailer specs
Length 3.3 meters / 11 feet
Height 1.75 meters / 5.8 feet
Width 1.85 meters / 6 feet
Departure angle 40 degrees
Dry tare weight 940 kilos / 2,070 pounds
Storage 2,000 liters / 70 cubic feet
Drawbar weight 120 kilos / 265 pounds

Moving on the mods that actually touch on the GX’s mechanical package, we can tell you that the GXOR concept features a custom front bumper that hides a 9.5 XPS winch, Lexus F Sport wheels shod in General Tire Grabber X3 rubber. Moreover, on the suspension side, the Lexus GXOR received an Icon Suspension lift kit with remote reservoirs and billet control arms with delta joints. Since we all know that tackling remote areas requires not only proper off-road gear but also protection, the GXOR is guarded by CBI frame sliders and, says Lexus, a “full underbody armor.”

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On the practicality and comfort front, the GXOR packs a custom drawer system and a National Luna refrigerator crammed in the trunk, a safari snorkel, a 160-watt solar panel setup, aluminum storage cases mounted on top of the roof, recovery boards, and a 50-inch LED light bar that might come in handy for those who like to do some nighttime off-roading.

Other than that, we don’t get much info on what kind of firepower the GXOR is loaded with. But come to think of it, this is a concept that showcases what customers can add to their car to make it an even better off-roader, so it’s safe to assume that power and torque credentials are the same.

The Lexus GXOR Concept Is An Eccentric Mix of Luxury and Off-Roading
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If that’s the case, then the 4.6-liter V-8 Lexus has dropped inside the 2019 GX still makes 301 horsepower and 329 pound-feet of torque at 3,500 rpm. With that sort of grunt under the hood, the GX returns 15 mpg city, 18 mpg highway, and 16 mpg combined, figures that are attained with a little help from the six-speed sequential-shift ECT-i transmission.

2019 Lexus GS 460 Specs
Engine V-8
Displacement 4.6 liters
Power 301 horsepower
Torque 329 pound-feet
Transmission six-speed ECT-i
Compression ratio 10.2:1
Fuel economy 15 mph city, 18 mpg highway, 16 mpg combined
0-60 mph 7.8 seconds
Top track speed 110 mph
Aerodynamic coefficient 0.35
Turning radius 41.1 feet
Length 192.1 inches
Width 74.2 inches
Height 74.2 inches
Wheelbase 109.8 inches
Cargo capacity 64.7 cubic feet
Curb weight 5,130 pounds
Fuel tank 23 gallons
Starting price $52,505

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