Finding the right camper trailer for you these days is a double-bladed-sword affair. On the one hand, compared to some decades ago, the spectrum of choices is a lot wider, but on the other, there are so many offerings and sub-niches that the soft-core customer might get easily confused. If we can draw a parallel, the scenario is similar to what’s happening in the car industry, where SUVs and crossovers of all shapes and sizes are creating new niches on a regular basis. Nonetheless, there’s one thing that you can’t miss when it comes to the Patriot Campers X1H camper trailer: it is built rough for people who are not afraid to challenge themselves and their gear. Let’s check it out.

Patriot Campers X1H Camper Trailer Design

The 2019 X1H camper trailer from Australia’s Patriot Campers uses the company’s highly-acclaimed X1 camper as a starting point. In fact, you can regard it as the hardtop version of the X1, one that, according to its makers, “refines on the five-time Camper Trailer of the Year winning X1 Grand Tourer.” Now, (justified) bragging aside, the H in the name obviously stands for “hardtop,” but this is not just a nifty marketing trick, as you’re about to see. The main trick up this camper’s sleeve is its automatic-deploying hardtop. That’s right, all you need to do is press a button, and the roof will start unfolding itself, in less than a minute. Literally.

The remote-controlled Hexocore top lid is also fitted with solar panels and uses powerful yet silent electric actuators to lift the tent from the inside.
The Patriot Campers X1H Camper Trailer Is the Rambo of the Bunch
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Now, the whole camper trailer sits on a hot-dip galvanized chassis and it can be quickly connected to your car’s towing hook thanks to the DO35 hitch setup which offers 360-degree articulation. Combine that with the Cruisemaster independent suspension system with dual shock absorbers, and you get exquisite off-roading abilities through landscapes that would otherwise seem impossible to tackle for your run-of-the-mill camper trailer. Then again, the X1H is anything but run-of-the-mill.

Compared to the X1, the hardtop version sees its batteries and water tanks positioned lower, right on top of its pivoting axis, resulting in better control and composure when the road gets tricky.

Also, you won’t have to worry about hitting a stone or a boulder with the trailer’s underbelly, as the ground clearance sits at 500 millimeters (20 inches) and the specified departure angle is 40 degrees.


On top of the chassis sits an aluminum-made boxy body strengthened with non-corrosive powder-coated panels that have been laser cut to ensure they fit the other bits and bobs like a glove. The batteries offer 270Ah of power and if we are to talk amenities, then we must mention the dimmable LED lighting, multiple power outputs (USB ports included), a gel-topped pocket-spring mattress, an iPad holder, and an integrated CS3 tent which can be set up in three different ways, including a configuration with two bunk beds.

The Patriot Campers X1H Camper Trailer Is the Rambo of the Bunch
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But in our vision, the icing on the cake is the L-shaped kitchen that extends from the camper’s belly, together with a portable fridge and a stainless-steel sink fitted with cutlery drawers, benchtops, and a gas-powered water heater.

Plus, all in all, you’re looking at 2,000 liters (70 cubic feet) worth of storage space throughout the whole camper trailer.

Price-wise, we’re happy to report that Patriot Campers will sell its X1H camper trailer in the US, for a starting sticker of $46,990, through its Oklahoma-based distributor Exploration Outfitters, according to New Atlas.

Patriot Campers X1H Camper Trailer Specs

The Patriot Campers X1H Camper Trailer Is the Rambo of the Bunch
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Hardtop Hexocore lid, solar-powered
Opening/closing time under 60 seconds
Solar panel 130W
Overall storage 2,000 liters (70 cubic feet)
Length 3.3 meters (11 feet)
Height 1.75 meters (5.8 feet)
Width 1.85 meters (6 feet)
Departure angle 40 degrees
Dry tare weight 2,070 pounds
Drawbar weight 265 pounds
Ground clearance 50 centimeters (20 inches)
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