• These Bugatti-Branded Speakers Redefine What High-End Audio Systems Can Be

The Bugatti of speakers can now be said literally

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Automakers have an affinity for high-end audio systems and if you’re one of these audio product manufacturers, you’d want to score a big fish to add legitimacy to your brand. Well, there’s no bigger fish in the auto world than Bugatti, and the French hypercar maker has found its audio soulmate in Tidal Audio.

Together, the two companies are launching a new line of premium audio products, beginning with Tidal Auto’s Royale range of speakers.

These Bugatti-Branded Speakers Redefine What High-End Audio Systems Can Be
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Tidal Audio’s new range of Bugatti-branded Royale speakers is a technical showpiece. Each speaker comes with four long-throw subwoofers and a pair of front woofers with aluminum diaphragms.

The Royale also comes with a high-efficiency diamond tweeter and a high-efficiency ceramic midrange driver that, mind you, can be upgraded to a diamond midrange driver. If these materials are familiar to you — specifically the diamond diaphragm tweeters — it’s because these are the same units that you can find in the Bugatti Chiron. Multiple sources via the unit’s built-in music controller allow you to play all sorts of music that’ll make your ears weep in appreciation.

These Bugatti-Branded Speakers Redefine What High-End Audio Systems Can Be
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Of course, the Royale speakers offer more than just top-of-the-line sounds. They also looks the part of something you’d normally associate with Bugatti. First of all, these things are massive.

Each speaker stands 56.6 inches tall — that’s a little over four feet and seven inches — and each one weighs a whopping 352 pounds.

It figures to be heavy since the outer casing is made from polished stainless steel. In typical Bugatti fashion, you can also customize your speakers beyond opting for a diamond midrange driver.

These Bugatti-Branded Speakers Redefine What High-End Audio Systems Can Be
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There’s a lot you can do from a visual perspective, too. You can opt for a single color or a two-tone scheme. Bugatti and Tidal prefer “monocoque” and “duotone” to describe these options, but we’ll settle for what we understand best. Once you’ve decided on the color or colors of your speaker, you can proceed with adding materials like carbon fiber, leather, dark aluminum, or stick to the standard polished stainless steel look. Whatever you end up choosing will look good with the Bugatti logo on the front of the speakers and the “Tidal for Bugatti” plaque at the back.

If all of this sounds expensive, it’s because it is. Neither Bugatti nor Tidal Audio announced pricing for the Bugatti Type 41 Royale-inspired speakers. The two companies also didn’t say how many units they plan to produce. What we do know is that you can score limited edition pieces in the fancily named “Edition Noir” and “Edition Blanc” speakers.

Source: Tidal Audio

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