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We’ve got off-road cars, off-road bikes, so come to think of it, the idea of an off-road skateboard that’s also electric doesn’t seem too far-fetched, does it? Well, certainly not to Velox, who’s been making off-road-oriented electric skateboards using heavy-duty parts and brushless electric motors. Now, the company claims its electric off-road ‘boards are in a class of their own and at the same time a revolution in electric skateboarding - who knows, maybe that would trigger a massive trend in the near future. With such a statement on the line, we thought we’d have a look at what Velox’s lineup looks like, so here’s what’s what.

Velox Electric Off-Road Skateboards - The Range

Right off the bat, you’ll have to understand one thing about these electric off-road skateboards: they might look like toys, but they are not. Seriously. Velox recommends adult supervision for riders under the age of 16 and you’ll also have to take it easy in building up the necessary skill to hone these things pretty much like you’d do while learning how to ski. That aside, you’ll want to know that Velox offers two configurations and two style packages for its electric skateboards: SX-5 Sleek and Stealth, and XC-6 Sleek and XC-6 Stealth.

The SX-5 Sleek ($2,595) is for those who look for agility first and foremost. It packs four brushless electric motors (one on each corner) and six inches worth of suspension travel. According to Velox, the SX-5 Sleek lets you ride for around 12 miles in AWD mode on a single charge, at a top speed of 25 mph and up a 25-degree slope. Getting to your destination is something attainable with the aid of chunky 9-inch-diameter tubeless tires. The other option in the SX-5 range is the Stealth ($2,650), which offers the exact same capabilities as the Sleek, but instead of a matte black board, it packs a heavily-stylized army camouflage-patterned one.

Velox SX-5 Specs

These Off-Road Electric Skateboards Will Take You Anywhere
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Range 12 miles
Top speed 25 mph
Deck material maple composite
Deck length 44.5 inches
Wheelbase 36 inches
Drive motors 4, brushless
Battery 36 V, 720 Wh Li-ion
Charge time 4-5 hours @ 2 A
Maximum load 220 pounds
Weight 68 pounds

The next tier in the Velox range is the XC-6 Sleek ($3,450). Velox describes it as a “beautifully designed cross-country machine,” but it short, you’re looking at a chassis that’s longer, a more energy-dense battery pack a tad more power than the SX-5 range, hence more range and better performance. The XC-6 Sleek can go for 18 miles in AWD mode (as opposed to 12 miles) with just a single charge and reach a top speed of 30 mph, instead of 25 mph. Moreover, it can climb a 35-degree slope and sports a deck length of 48 inches with a wheelbase of 39 inches.

These Off-Road Electric Skateboards Will Take You Anywhere
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Right next to it sits the XC-6 Stealth ($3,550), which follows the same creed as the SX-5 Stealth. In other words, it too has a stylized cams-like finish to it and a price bump over the XC-6 Sleek. Both boards can handle a maximum load of 240 pounds and the larger battery pack will require more charging time than the SX-Series - all in all, you’re looking at a six-hour charge interval to 100 percent. The XC-Series also sit on larger tires, measuring 10 inches in diameter, as opposed to the SX-Series, which come fitted with nine-inch tires. You can check out the brand’s website for more info.

Velox XC-6 Specs

These Off-Road Electric Skateboards Will Take You Anywhere
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Range 18 miles
Top speed 30 mph
Deck material maple composite
Deck length 48 inches
Wheelbase 39 inches
Drive motors 4, brushless
Battery 48 V, Li-ion
Charge time 6 hours @ 2 A
Maximum load 240 pounds
Weight 68 pounds
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