Summer might be here, but these rad tracks feel like home during winter. Or mud. Or sand

Hardcore RC car fans know that Traxxas provides one of the most capable off-road radio-controlled vehicles on the market in partnership with big-name carmakers such as Chevrolet or Mercedes-Benz. Don’t believe us? Check out this RC Chevy Blazer doing its thing or this Mercedes-Benz G550 4x42 taking in some serious bashing off the beaten path. Like what you see? Good. Now that there’s no doubt whatsoever on the level of badassery brought by these toys, hear us out: Traxxas just unveiled a set of tracks that will go like risotto and rice with its TRX-4 series. Let’s check them out.

Traxxas TRX-4 All-Terrain Tracks - What Are They All About?

In Traxxas literature, they’re actually called Traxx. But we’ll stick to the English spelling if that’s OK with you. Now, it goes without saying and it’s already been proved by the video we asked you to watch in the beginning of this article that a Traxxas TRX-4 can go anywhere. Essentially, you’re looking at a set of four tracks that are mounted on the car’s axles, thus replacing the tires.

Traxxas says that installing the tracks can be done in "minutes" and that they fit ALL of its TRX-4 models.

That being said, let’s take a closer look at the Traxxas’ new tracks.

Traxxas TRX-4 All-Terrain Tracks - Design


The tracks are fitted with oil-filled coilover dampers that control the rotational movement and are fitted with five drive wheels each. The said drive wheels have sealed bearings. Each track also comes with a guide wheel - these are fitted with self-lubricating bushings for low maintenance. I

nstalling these tracks to your TRX-4 will also raise the portal axles higher off the ground by over 16 mm - 16.8 mm to be more exact - compared to the 1.9-inch wheels.

That’s also 8 mm more compared cars fitted with the 2.2-inch wheels.

Also keep in mind that the rear drive units are longer, so that any vehicle equipped with them would climb steeper grades.

Traxxas Reveals New Set Of Rad Tracks For Its TRX-4 Series
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Naturally, all we’ve mentioned in the paragraph above leads to drastically improved approach and departure angles. Traxxas says your RC car will be unstoppable on any kind of terrain, which for some reason, we tend to believe. We also have some numbers to back up Traxxas’ claims: the approach angle increase is of 18 degrees, while the departure angle takes a 28 degree bump. To put things into perspective, if you own the TRX-4 Chevy Blazer, for example, you’re looking at a new approach angle of 77 degrees and a departure angle of 65 degrees.

You can get the Traxxas Traxx set on Amazon for $249.95. However, before you head below and make the purchase, here’s some advice to take into consideration.

So, numero uno: make sure you use the High-Torque 400 servo and the High-Output BEC for maximum turning power when the terrain gets rough. Numero dos: Body trimming might also be required, but that depends on how you plan to use the tracks - in any case, the TRX-4 Long-Arm Lift Kit could come in handy when needed to increase/decrease ground clearance. Oh, and if your TRX-4 has differentials, keep them locked for the best traction. Moreover, models that have two-speed transmissions should be kept in low gear.

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