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There’s been a lot of hype around the WRC franchise and that’s bound to get a lot hotter since the new WRC 8 game is set for a debut in September. When it hits the shelves (physical and digital), WRC 8 will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. So Bigben Games, the developer, is not letting anyone miss out on WRC 8. Moreover, the game is set to introduce a couple of changes and perhaps the most significant is a revamped Career Mode that will shape your evolution as a rally driver but also challenge your decision-making and team management skills. Sounds exciting, right? That’s because it is. Here’s what the new Career Mode is all about.

WRC 8 Career Mode

Those who played WRC 7 know that the game’s career mode had the player complete all the rallies comprised in an entire season. Well, that’s not the case anymore, because WRC 8 radically changes the Career Mode. And just like the name suggests, this time the game will focus on a player career per se, which involves pretty much everything they do throughout a whole year.

Bigben Games, which developed WRC 8, says that this edition’s Career Mode is structured around three pillars: Calendar, Team, and Skill Tree.

The Calendar is pretty straightforward as a concept - it allows you to choose which event or events to enter. The Team, however, adds a bit more complexity to the game. Mostly because you’ll have to manage it - so being a skilled driver isn’t enough - and in doing that, you’ll have to deal with six different jobs that are also interconnected and affect each other’s efficiency. What that means is you’ll have a mechanic at your disposal, an agent, an engineer, and even a meteorologist. Each one provides various bonuses to your crew and driver in his own way - for example, the mechanic will work on the car directly, while the agent, let’s say, will manage your racing schedule.

WRC 8 | Reveal Trailer

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Now that your racing calendar and your team are sorted out, you’ll have to work on upgrading your car but also your staff’s skills. Within the Skill Tree you can upgrade your team members or your car, but keep in mind that each upgrade affects the other entity - so, for example, a more skilled mechanic will finish repairing your car faster, just like a better meteorologist can predict the weather more precisely, letting you know exactly what drivetrain and tire setup to choose for a race. Speaking of weather, one of the novelties that players will experience with WRC 8 is dynamic weather.

That is, you might start on a rally stage with sunshine and clear skies, but you could end up finishing it under heavy rain conditions.


Every decision you make will take you closer to competing in the WRC title, which is the most prestigious tier offered by WRC 8. However, as opposed to last year, you’re not forced to start in the Junior tier anymore, so you can begin your career in the WRC 2 tier. From there, it’s the usual scenario: as you progress, you get new cars but your crew also gets better at the stuff it does - you can also recruit more apt crew members, which in turn will boost your performance. Speaking of performance, you’ll be able to evaluate yours via a set of statistics the game provides after each race, so you’ll also know what choices your competitors made and what went wrong or well for them.

WRC 8 Price

You can pre-order your WRC 8 copy right now on Amazon ($49.99), but in case you still want a taste of WRC 7 before its successor launches, then you can buy it from Amazon ($30) as well.

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