• You Must Check Out the MINI Lifestyle Collection for Kids

You’ll want to take a closer look especially if you’re running dry on gift ideas

Any time is a good time to spend quality hours with your little ones but also the chance to spoil them with a present or two. Just don’t overdo it. On that note, here’s a tip: MINI launched its lifestyle collection and it’s filled with cool stuff for kids.

You Must Check Out the MINI Lifestyle Collection for Kids
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Eager to learn more about the goodies of the MINI Lifestyle Collection? Then you’ve landed on the right page. Birthdays, International Children’s Day, and pretty much any occasion that entails gifts of all sorts can be sorted out easily if you know where to look and what to look for.

We did a run-through of the whole lot and came up with a couple of things we’d buy for ourselves if we could and thus recommend.

MINI clothing – what we love

You Must Check Out the MINI Lifestyle Collection for Kids
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The vintage logo t-shirts are a treat, and best thing about them is that they’re offered in kids’ and men size - who’s a cool daddy, huh?

Each t-shirt is made from a single jersey-fabric (100 percent cotton) and sport the vintage MINI Cooper logo in a classy finish of British Green and Coral.
Now, on to the absolute cuteness overload: meet the MINI Striped Baby Gift set – and we dare you to come up with something that’s more adorable than those tiny socks. The set includes a beanie and five pairs of socks subtly embroidered with the MINI word-mark.

MINI toys and games – what we love

You Must Check Out the MINI Lifestyle Collection for Kids
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Instead of a tablet of smartphone, we’d go any given day for a jigsaw puzzle that would stimulate a kid’s creativity and thinking. If you feel the same, then you’re in luck: you can have one from MINI. One set contains 100 pieces kept in drawstring bags for easy keeping.

And when that puzzle’s solved, your kid can go play with the iconic Bulldog mascot. Mind you, it’s been rehashed into version 2.0, and it looks cuter and dapper than ever with its red scarf and everything. Plus, it’s equally suitable for boys and girls.
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You Must Check Out the MINI Lifestyle Collection for Kids
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Moving on to more serious kiddo hardware, check out the next items. First on our list is the seriously cool MINI Countryman RC – fully electric and remote-controlled, it features a body kit at the scale of 1:14 and packs gimmicks such as an independent suspension setup and a battery that can be recharged via USB connection.
The more elegant (but not necessarily modern) alternative to the Countryman is the Pull Toy Car. This one’s made of beech wood and keeps the modern MINI design alive through the Chili Red paint, beefy rubber wheels, and white hood stripes. We don’t know about you, but for us, one thing’s for sure – it would sit nicely on our desks.

Of course, playing outside in open air is equally important – I mean, who wants their child to become a couch potato anyway? At the same time, we understand that simply walking might be boring, which is where the MINI Tricycle saves the day.
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You Must Check Out the MINI Lifestyle Collection for Kids
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It packs a steel frame – useful in the long run as it takes shocks and bumps a lot better than the aluminum or plastic variety and is harder to break – and MINI says the seat is “ergonomically formed” and complements the safety grips on the handlebar. All you need to remember is that this tricycle is built for children aged 18 months or more, with a height of over 80 cm (2 feet 7 1/2 inches).

Now, would you be kind enough to excuse us while we sort out the online payment method?

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