You must also show a little bit of patience, because it will be released later this year

Cosplay is not necessarily something we’re into, but we know a cool item when we see one. Take, for example, Hasbro’s Infinity Gauntlet inspired by the Marvel Avengers: Endgame blockbuster. Curb your enthusiasm, though, the only thing standing between you and your top-notch impersonation of Iron Man is, well, time.

You Must Preorder Iron Man's Infinity Gauntlet Right Away
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As you can see, this is not a replica of the Dwarven gauntlet wore by Thanos and instead, it replicates the nanotechnology-packed glove created by Tony Stark. And it also uses a more rudimentary power source, such as the humble AA batteries. Three of them, to be more exact.

Hasbro announced that it will officially launch the product on October 31, so that's a bummer.

Also, good luck with remembering its full name, which is "Marvel Legends Series Avengers: Endgame Power Gauntlet."

The good news, however, is that you can preorder one right away from Amazon. It costs $99.99 without the shipping and import fees and although it probably won’t be delivered in time for that Halloween party you’ve been planning to go to, it still promises to kick ass on every other occasion.

Hasbro insists that the gauntlet is a "premium roleplay item" designed for adults - as you’ll see in the attached pics and videos, it is quite large - and we’re willing to give Hasbro the benefit of the doubt on that quality claim. For now.

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Alright then, where should we start with this? Right, so, for starters, it comes with replicas of the six Infinity Stones (Reality Stone, Soul Stone, Mind Stone, Space Stone, Time Stone, and Power Stone). Not only that, but they can mimic a sort of pulsating/glowing effect as seen in Avengers: Endgame.

Secondly, Hasbro also thought of the acoustic side: push the central Mind Stone, and you'll activate a suite of sound effects, again, inspired by the movie.

But the gauntlet’s coolest feature of them all has to do with the articulated fingers, which allow whoever is wearing to clench his or her fist. On the other hand - pun intended - we won’t point any fingers if you decide not to wait for it to become available. In fact, you can get the Dwarf version of the gauntlet - i.e., the one worn by Thanos - for $99.95 on Amazon.

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