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Japanese clothing brand BAPE joined forces with German toymaker Schuco to launch a very special die-cast Mercedes-Benz G-Class that would turn your desk’s coolness level up to eleven. The collaboration will see a camouflage-covered G-Class scale model debut on May 18.

Schuco Mercedes G-Class Scale Model

We don’t have too many details about the car itself, but as far as we can tell, it wears BAPE’s 1ST CAMO pattern (seen on the brand’s hoodies) in green. Plus, there’s a high level of detail involved, thanks to nicely integrated exhaust pipes and turn signal lights flanking the hood.

And seriously now, who wouldn't love a G-Class dressed in heavy army-style camouflage, even if it's virtually a toy?

We know we would.

Not to mention that Schuco has built a sturdy reputation by crafting top-shelf quality die-cast models and has been setting the benchmark in this area for two decades, so you’ll be getting a timeproof piece of perhaps the most desired off-road machine in the world.

But why a G-Class and not other Mercedes-Benz? Well, this is a rough guess but few cars in the automotive world project a more iconic status than the G-Wagen, which has remained pretty much unchanged over its four-decade lifetime. Moreover, BAPE did customize a real-life Mercedes-Benz G-Class back in 2017 and it sported the same military flair if memory serves us well.

Regarding the camouflage paint choice, we think it’s also a nod to the G’s military roots and applications throughout the years - after all, the G-Class was initially developed as an army vehicle, when Mercedes-Benz gave course to an idea formulated by the Shah of Iran, who at that time was an important shareholder in the company.

Oh, and here's a fun fact: the first military organization to enroll the G-Class was the Argentine Army, back in 1981.

Coming back to the original topic, we have one more thing to share: the G550L BAPE XXV will be available for ¥25,000 - that’s roughly $230 or €205 at current exchange rates.

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