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Porsche knows how to tick all the boxes when it comes to all sorts of driving

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When it comes to driving experiences, Porsche has by far the most comprehensive and varied offer of all carmakers out there. The company’s presence on so many markets around the world has allowed it to expand its Driving Experience tentacles all the way to the Arctic Circle, China, USA, and of course, Europe. It doesn’t matter if you just want to get a proper travel experience or a lot of circuit driving hours under your belt - there’s a high change Porsche has exactly what you need. Not to mention, they also provide off-road courses and driving courses on ice and snow. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Porsche Driving Experience?

Divided into four tiers - each focusing on a particular type of activity, Porsche Driving Experience lets you taste various driving scenarios and settings behind the wheel of a Porsche model. Customers can opt for one of the aforementioned four tiers, which are Porsche Track Experience, Porsche Racing Experience, Porsche Travel Experience, and Porsche Ice Experience. We’ll now have an in-depth look at each of them, see what they bring to the table and to what cost.

Porsche Track Experience

Your Full Guide To The Porsche Driving Experience Courses
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Track Experience takes place in one of the 19 locations available worldwide and is based on the "learn by doing" principle. What you’ll get from Porsche Track Experience? This is essentially a program that helps you hone your skills through practice, practice, and then some more practice. Porsche says the module can take an average driver through all the basics of high-performance driving, starting with the very basics of vehicle control to the moment he or she applied for a racing licence.

Track Experience is further split into five on-road workshops. These are called Precision, Master, Master Licence, Performance, and Master Cup.

All of them are two-day courses aimed at drives with various levels of skill. On-road courses also feature a Special Training module that includes three tiers: Warm-up (one-day course for first-time participants), Classic Cars (one-day course for first-time and advanced participants), g-Force (two-day course for advanced participants), and Fast Track (three-day course for first-time and advanced participants).

Your Full Guide To The Porsche Driving Experience Courses
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The off-road training focuses on the very basics and include the Cayenne and Macan. You’ll learn about: optimum seat position, correct steering, as well as how to handle ascents, descents, and lateral gradients among other exercises. The off-road training venue is a 6-km off-road circuit set in a 120-hectare natural haven.

Porsche Track Experience Venues

Automotodromo Brno, Czech Republic 5.4 km length 15 m width 14 corners
Autodromo Internacional do Algarve, Portugal 4.6 km length 14 m width 16 corners
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium 7 km length 10-14 m width 20 corners
Hungaroring, Hungary 4.4 km length 10-14 m width 14 corners
Driving Center Baden, Germany 2.7 km length 11-12 m width 12 corners
Porsche in Leipzig, Germany 3.7 km (+ 2.2 km) length 12 m / 6.5 m width 11 corners
Boxberg Proving Ground, Germany 3 km length 3.7 m width high speed oval
Nurburgring Grand Prix Circuit, Germany 5.1 km length 10-25 m width 17 corners
Nurburgring Nordschleife and Grand Prix Circuit, Germany 25.9 km length 10-25 m width 90 corners
Nurburgring Nordschleife, Germany 20.8 km length 10-12 m width 73 corners

Porsche Instructors

Out of Porsche’s roster of instructors what will work one-on-one with you is racing champion Timo Bernhard. He is also the longest-serving Porsche works driver and holder of titles such as World Endurance Drivers Champion, Le Mans Champion (with the Porsche 919 LMP1 Hybrid), and 24 Hours of Nurburgring Champion (back in 2011 with the Manthey Porsche GT3 RSR) just to name a few.

Your Full Guide To The Porsche Driving Experience Courses
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Porsche Racing Experience

Your Full Guide To The Porsche Driving Experience Courses
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This is your ticket to a pro racer’s career. The Racing Experience is comprised of three workshops which Porsche calls milestones, while the support vehicle is the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup race car.

The 3 workshops are: Level 1 - Start, Level 2 - Season, Level 3 - Perfection. During Level 1, which starts between 22 and 27 November 2019 in Portimão, Portugal, you’ll get a full simulation of a race weekend. You’ll get to know the car and the track via circuit reconnaissance and car control practice in the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car simulator. Next up it’s a ECG stress examination, a fitness check, and a crash course that covers your car’s technology and chassis specifications. Since this is a mirroring of a fully-blown race weekend, you’ll get the chance to shine during a qualifying round, followed by the actual race. The latter will offer valuable insight on how to react to various race scenarios, such as Safety Car and yellow or blue flag.

After you "graduate" Level 1, it's time for the real deal. This is actually your first racing season and Porsche will provide the technical support.

Drivers are given the chance to race agains similarly-skilled opponents in the Porsche Sports Cup or GT3 Cup Challenge. Porsche’s support includes a 911 GT3 Cup, simulator training, race and data engineers that will analyze your driving, two personal mechanics, physiotherapy sessions, and concierge.

And so comes Level 3, or perfection. With this one, you are given the chance to shine on the national and international stage. Porsche says they provide full support whichever career path you might want to pursue, including recommendations on racing teams or Porsche-certified teams, entry to championships such as Porsche Carrera Cup or Porsche Mobil1 Supercup, and optional training modules.

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Specs

Driveline layout rear-wheel drive
Displacement 3,996 cubic centimeters
Power 485 horsepower
Torque 480 Nm
Brakes 380-mm steel discs, vented and slotted with 4-piston calipers
Transmission six-speed, dog-type sequential
Tank 100 liters (FT3 safety fuel cell tank)
Length 4,564 mm
Width 1,980 mm
Height 1,246 mm
Wheelbase 2,456 mm
Weight 1,200 kilos (2,645 pounds)

Porsche Travel Experience

Your Full Guide To The Porsche Driving Experience Courses
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Before you make any decision, you should know that Porsche’s been in the travel & driving experience business for two decades now. The company promises that regardless of what travel experience you pick, you’ll not only be seated at the wheel of a Porsche and asked to drive through fabulous sceneries. You’ll also stay in first-class hotels and eat in exquisite restaurants around the world.

There are around 100 tours available to customers throughout the year that cover the globe north-to-south.

The car lineup includes the likes of Porsche 718, 911, Cayenne, Macan, and Panamera.

As for the available venues, they include some of the most exotic destinations you can think of: China (Xishuangbanna, Shangri-La, Qinghai), Canada, USA, and Australia.

Below you’ll find the next scheduled events for 2019 joined by pricing information.

Event Date Price
Northern Spain 15 July - 21 July €6,690
Central Alps 18 July - 21 July €3,490
Northern Spain 23 July - 29 July €6,690
Black Forest 1 August - 4 August €2,990
Prague Vienna Budapest 3 August - 8 August €6,290
Prague Vienna Budapest 10 August - 15 August €6,290
Swiss Alps 17 August - 22 August €6,690
Swiss Alps 24 August - 29 August €6,690
Alpine Performance 31 August - 4 September €5,590
Alpine Performance 7 September - 11 September €5,590
Southern France 14 September - 20 September €8,990
Southern France 22 September - 28 September €8,990
Tuscany 3 October - 9 October €7,490
Croatia 5 October - 11 October €7,490
Tuscany 11 October - 17 October €7,490
Croatia 13 October - 19 October €7,490

Porsche Ice Experience

Your Full Guide To The Porsche Driving Experience Courses
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This is one of the most sought-after Porsche Experience event. You’ll generally have to move quick to book one because availability only stretches to January and February each year, and places are obviously very limited. The main venue is Levi, Finland, at the Porsche Driving Area, while additional venues include locations such as Porsche Ice Experience Livigno, Italy, Porsche Ice Experience Yakeshi, China, Porsche Ice Experience Quebec, Canada.

Porsche Ice Experience is split into four sections. They are Ice Experience, Ice Force, Ice Force Pro, and Ice Cup.

You’ll essentially be driving Porsche’s sports cars on a course that’s been set up on a frozen lake. It packs all the goodies you can think of - twists and turns, ice- or snow-covered surfaces that you’ll be tackling with the help of special studded tires. Keep in mind that you can’t jump straight to a particular section without completing the one that comes before it hierarchically. For example, Ice Experience is a pre-requisite for Ice Force, Ice Force a pre-requisite for Ice Force Pro and so on.

Here’s an overview of what Porsche is offering as part of Ice Experience, as well as pricing.

Porsche Ice Experience
Ice Experience Ice Force Ice Force Pro Ice Cup
Duration 5 days, 3 days of driving 5 days, 3 days of driving 5 days, 3 days of driving 4 days, 2 days of driving
Cars 911 Carrera S, 911 Carrera 4S, spiked tires 911 Turbo, spiked tires 911 Turbo, 911 GT3 911 GT3, 911 GT3 Cup
Accommodation 4 nights, breakfast, lunch, and dinner 4 nights, breakfast, lunch, and dinner 4 nights, breakfast, lunch, and dinner 3 nights, breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Transfers Airport, hotel, driving facility Airport, hotel, driving facility Airport, hotel, driving facility Airport, hotel, driving facility
Participants maximum 50 maximum 40 maximum 40 maximum 10

Porsche Ice Experience Prices

Experience Price
Ice Experience €4,790
Ice Force €6,290
Ice Force Pro €7,290
Ice Cup €10,290
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