The Sound of 500 barking horses straight to your room.

In the year 1963, Prof. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche designed the legendary Porsche 911. And even to this day, that name has been synonyms to one of the most iconic cars the world has ever seen. It is the longest running production car that still stays true to its roots as the quintessential sports car. The newest edition of this legend is the 911 GT3. Besides its mind-bending performance figures and its handling prowess as a rear engine layout, it carries a glorious exhaust note from the flat six via its titanium silencer and chrome exhaust tips.

“Contemporary. Cool. Iconic.” Has been the tag line of every product that came out of the Porsche Design Studio in Zell am See and Berlin. They go beyond the borders of the automobile and create a new styling world for discerning men and women running the show. One such product from this company is the 911 Soundbar. A music sound system that notes every symphony of the sports car being transcended once again through a 911 exhaust unit.


911 Soundbar Exterior
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It is not any exhaust unit, but the 911 GT3’s original titanium silencer and the twin chrome exhaust tailpipe that resonate the sound that eventually fills your room with acoustic and visual treats. The best of both worlds.

The 911 Soundbar takes the functions of the original components and turns them on their head. The use of the titanium component will in itself bring in a deeper, measurably louder audio experience with a higher maximum volume. In short: more power. We’d have to hear a comparison to see if that’s really true, but let’s be honest, even if the exhaust didn’t do anything, the speaker just looks cool.

911 Soundbar Exterior
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Mounted on a matte-black base, the hovering metallic object with the exhaust tips are used as resonators and the rearward sound is channelled to activate the air in the rear section’s "pipe system." This results in a higher level of corresponding frequencies and sound threshold. Bass and treble control knobs are situated beside the exhaust tip.

The whole figure reads craftsmanship with the ultra-masculine silhouette - thanks to the weathered chrome bits that are intentionally left unaltered by the blokes at the studio. Or they might have just forgotten to polish them one drunk night. Either way, the visible welds and contact points look more authentic than what it is already.


911 Soundbar Exterior
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When you turn this on, the unmistakable 911 GT3 ignition soundtrack is brought right into your room and then goes on to give you a unique music experience of your choice. The re-purposed subwoofer guarantees a special acoustic experience for aficionados of music and sports cars alike.

As with running along modern technology, the 911 Soundbar is equally cutting edge with high fidelity 2.1 Virtual Surround System that includes a 200-watt output with Dolby Digital De-coder, DTS TruSuround and an integrated subwoofer. Other features include wireless loss-free audio transmission due to aptX technology, virtual surround and stereo sound and a remote controller. A lip sync function is also included to ensure both your audio and video remains in a synchronised form.

911 Soundbar Exterior
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This obviously comes with Bluetooth interface with an easy-pairing function to connect all your Bluetooth devices and stream your favourite track of yours or your guest’s. To splurge you with options, Porsche Design has provided an analogue input (cinch) and 2 digital inputs (coaxial and optical). With bass and treble controls, you can also hook this system to an external subwoofer which makes the bass limit extend until it literally shatters even your neighbour’s windows.


911 Soundbar Exterior
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The 911 Soundbar is a masterpiece engineered by the Porsche design house for those who want to enjoy more than the melodies of a racetrack within the four walls of the living space. This Porsche experience is of all the senses of a devoted audiophile.

The 911 Soundbar is currently in limited production and all orders placed must be before October. Which by all our dismay is long gone. The Soundbar is priced at a $3500 tag. That is a lot of $$$ but exclusitivity is its selling point.

911 Soundbar Exterior
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But is it a grandee? Well, for one, that depends on how much of a nut you are for Porsche. As far as a ‘bachelor pad’ sound system goes, be sure of getting quite a few stares and comments from guests that will keep you in exaltation.

Featured on our site also, a company called IXOOST will do something similar with a Ferrari, Formula One or a car of your choice for about $ 6500 and upwards. When you look at it in context, the Porsche Design’s 911 Soundbar is actually kind of a bargain. But be advised, it is definitely not cheap. It is an exquisite piece of lifestyle product that will keep reminding you of the greatest car the history will probably ever see. The Porsche 911.


Weight 19 kg
Dimensions (LxBxH) 740mm x 280 mm x 320 mm
System output 200 watt
Connections Bluetooth, Analogue input (cinch), 2 digital inputs (coaxial and optical), Subwoofer output
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Porsche Design Presents Unique Home Sound System

Sculptural Art Meets Technology, Sound, and Design‎

Stuttgart. The authentic appearance of a contemporary metallic sculpture - a sound experience that must be felt to be believed. Like the ignition of a Porsche race car paired with distinctive, iconic design – this is the latest innovation from Porsche De-sign.

With the sonorous name Porsche Design "911 Soundbar," the sports & luxury life-style brand is introducing a unique sound system for home entertainment that will make the hearts of men race. The core of this innovative architecture consists of the powerful rear section and the striking tailpipes of the current Porsche 911 GT3, re-purposed as sub-woofer to guarantee a very special acoustic experience for afi-cionados of music and sports cars alike. Not only that the unmistakable sound of a 911 GT3 starting is brought right into ones own living room, but it also creates a very unique music experience.

Pointing the way ahead for the brand evolution of Porsche Design
For the CEO of the Porsche Design Group, Dr. Christian Kurtzke, the "911 Soundbar" is indicating the way ahead for the evolution of the Porsche Design brand: "Our new exclusive timepiece collections and the “911 Soundbar” represent unique new product creations that embody the core of our brand, innovations in-spired by technology. Moreover, we recently launched a new luggage series to further strengthen our positioning in the segment of high quality travel accessories," says Dr. Kurtzke. He summarizes the brand’s future positioning as follows: "Every-thing that drives men," is the motto for the future. The previous approach in brand communication will give way to a new level of emotion. "Ultimately, the passion for technological innovations, for design expertise, and for supreme quality constitutes a significant component to our brand DNA, and that should be felt in our communi-cation as well," explained Dr. Kurtzke. The new "911 Soundbar" will surely foster that goal and for sure create a lot of excitement.

Distinctive sound experience
When it comes to modern technology, the Porsche Design "911 Soundbar" is cutting edge: high quality 2.1 Virtual Surround System, 200-watt output, Dolby Digital De-coder, DTS TruSuround™, Bluetooth® 3.0 wireless technology, two digital inputs and one analog output, and an LED display are just a few of the numerous product features promising brilliant sound quality at home.

Pure authenticity
In this first generation, the vehicle components surface has intentionally been left unaltered, with components assembled in their original form and design. Visible welds and contact points underscore masculinity, craftsmanship, and authenticity. The hovering metallic object on top of the matte black base makes the "911 Sound-bar" a contemporary sculpture for any place.

Similar to the Porsche 911 GT3, the rear section plays also an essential role in the "911 Soundbar" in generating the typical Porsche sound. Yet the highlight is that the function of the original parts is more or less inversed: contrary to a car, the rear section and tailpipes on the "911 Soundbar" are used as resonators and rearward sound is channeled to activate the air in the rear section’s "pipe system." The result is an extremely high level of efficacy in the corresponding frequencies. In light of the air volume, this translates into a sound threshold that is deeper,
quantitatively louder, and higher - simply put: "more power."

The Porsche Design "911 Soundbar": high-end sports car components, cutting edge technologies, and puristic design combined into one single sound experience.

This unique sound system will be available in select Porsche Design Stores in March 2016. Suggested retail price: $3,500.

About the Porsche Design Group:
On the way to becoming the most desirable Sports & Luxury-Lifestyle Group

In 1963, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche designed the legendary Porsche 911. Almost 10 years later, he embarked on a mission that is still driving us today – to build a company that takes the spirit of Porsche beyond the automotive, creating a new luxury lifestyle for men and women:

Welcome to the world of the Porsche Design Group. A world that remains eternally young, fresh, and cool by passionately driving for innovation. A world of perfection and precision - designed by the legendary Porsche Design Studio in Zell am See and Berlin. Created by carefully selected manufacturers, particularly in Germany and Italy, and by our own Porsche Design Timepieces AG in Switzerland.

A world where new materials, innovative technologies, and fine functional elegance blend into truly exclusive, iconic contem-porary design with supreme quality – challenging traditions with a clear purpose: To enhance the performance, comfort, and health of today’s sophisticated professionals and tomorrow’s successful leaders. During business, leisure, sports and at home. Some call it luxury? We call it essentials for a challenging future.

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